Why Universal Health Care Is so Important

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Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at the age of thirteen not only became one new challenge that I would have to face throughout the rest of my life, but it became a fear of not having medical insurance to cover my costly illness. According to a published article by Berchick, data showed that over 28 million people in the United States were uninsured in 2017. (Berchick.) However, even those who are insured are sometimes only partially covered through their insurance, making health coverage unstainable. Even with welfare programs like Medicare and Medicaid designed for the edlery, poor and disabled, the United States is the only highly developed country that has failed to offer some kind of universal healthcare system for all that is stainable.

You’re probably thinking that these welfare programs should be enough government assistance that the citizens of America should need but according to a Newsweek article, studies show that about 22,000 Americans die each year to treatable diseases because they have no insurance and can’t afford to see a doctor. ( Newsweek.). Many of those families don’t qualify for Medicaid because they make just a bit more than the required income to qualify, and make too little for the cost of prescription drugs and treatments to treat their illnesses.

According to research published by Lucien under the Insure the Uninsured Project, the United States spends a lot more coverage on healthcare coverage than any other nation, only because of the high costs of healthcare, not the usage of it. (Lucien.) There’s also the argument that Americans should be entitled to health insurance and why they aren’t entitled. A debate sparked on procon.org; stated that in the Preamble, the purpose of the Constitution is to “promote the general welfare”, while the other side argues that, yes it is to “promote the general welfare”, not to provide it”. (ProCon.)

History will show how difficult it’s been to implement a stainable universal healthcare system in the U.S.because of the fear of rationing but there’s also the concern of “who will pay” for this reform. According to an article published by Gorin, President Clinton introduced the Health Security Act (HSA) in 1993 that would’ve provided universal healthcare coverage that would never be taken away, and even though this reform received a lot of support through public opinion, but not the support of his congressmen, and never took affect. (Gorin.)

I propose the Medicare For All Act that was introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders in 2019, that will provide healthcare to everyone without the worry of paying deductibles or copays and the security of receiving all necessary health services. (FeelTheBern.org.) Our Medicare system that is in place has already proven to work well but now we are looking to expand it for more people and more services. With a single-payer system there will be more choices for patients to choose the doctors they want to see and all healthcare providers will be in this network. This plan provides all the right qualities of a better healthcare system for all people with the cost of services being lowered. This Act will also eliminate the fear of losing or changing jobs because of employer insurance that is provided, and this will empower people to make the necessary changes for their own lives.

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