Why Physiological and Social Motivation Is Important for a Successful Business

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According to the Business Dictionary motivation is defined as a general desire, need, or want that generates the energy required for someone to be continually interested, and committed to a job, role, or subject. The main purpose of a business is typically to focus on its long-range intention for operating. For this goal to be accomplished, the business must be strategic in implementing goals for each department and employee that helps the entire organization obtain its desired results.

The success of any business is contingent on the ability of its leaders to provide a motivating environment for its employees by making sure they have what they need. Motivated employees are more productive, easier to work with, happier, and stay with the organization longer. Employees are the key aspect and foundation of any organization. They are the instruments that make exceptional music for the company by making and serving the products, as well as serving internal and external customers. An employer should be tasked with the responsibility to find out what motivates employees, and then they can understand what type of motivational rewards are needed.

All human beings have physiological and social needs that must be met in order to be a productive person. In this essay, I will inform the audience about why an employee’s physiological and social needs must be met for motivation.

Physiological needs are essential for survival and proper functioning. These needs are air, food and water, shelter and clothing, and sexual reproduction. For an employer to meet these needs, employees must be motivated with adequate wages and stable income. Wages are the employees’ primary source of income. Wages pay for essentials such as rent and mortgage, food and utility bills, clothing, and other necessities that keep individuals and families healthy. In other words, wages pay for employees and their families’ physiological needs.

Security and safety needs are also physiological needs. Employees have a given right to feel safe from physical and emotional harm. Employers should motivate employees by ensuring employees have affordable employer-based health care access. Affordable health insurance is key to a productive and healthy work environment and the economy, as well as health security for our country’s families. Employee motivation by meeting their physiological needs decreases stress, illness, and possibly death.

Employees’ social needs motivation is equally important. Social needs are concerned with social interactions with others. Employees need to feel a sense of belonging, importance, and affection. Employers should motivate employees in areas that encourage self-esteem, professional and personal growth, and self-actualization. When these needs are met, employees have a sense of feeling that their goals, achievements, and dreams can, will, and have been met.

In conclusion, it is essential for employers to put employee motivation first. Most employees analyze their work environment and strive to do their best to be recognized and rewarded for their hard work. When physiological and social motivation is incorporated into a work environment, employees are more vested into their work creating a productive and happy work environment, which is vital to the success of the business, the employer, and the employee.

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