Why Kobe Bryant was Successful Basketball Player

Updated October 27, 2021

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Why Kobe Bryant was Successful Basketball Player essay

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If you want to know how to be a successful basketball player, ask Kobe Bryant! Kobe is a former NBA (National Basketball Association) player for the Lakers. He won the respect of his fans and peers because of his great sportsmanship, leadership and ability to communicate. He is known for his loyalty to the game and his unique way of playing.

Kobe set goals for himself such as, practice hard every day, learn all you can from other players as well as former players, have a positive attitude and have fun playing the game whether his team wins or loses. He was a fearless player. Kobe’s success as a player actually started before his draft into the NBA. As a boy, he loved the sport and spent many hours practicing with anyone pressuring him to do so.

He spent some of his time in Italy and speaks Ital ian as if he was born in Italy. He learned the language quickly by playing soccer with his friends. Later, as a basketball star, he used the language to communicate with some teammates on the court. He was drafted into the NBA right out of High School because of his skills as a player.

Kobe continued to improve his skills by learning new techniques through daily practice and hard work. He always worked to improve his game. Kobe also studied films of different games. This was done so that he could find mistakes that his team made and study strategies that the team could use in upcoming games. Defeat was never a part of Kobe’s vocabulary. Success was just not winning games and championships.

Kobe’s idea of winning was to play to the best of his ability. His idea of winning was also not just to win a prize for himself. He wanted his teammates to share the prize and credits for the victories. When a game was lost, he showed good sportsmanship by congratulating the other team. Team members and fans loved Kobe. There was a full stadium at every game. Lakers fans even filled the opposing team’s stadium.

The Lakers lost Kobe’s final game, but they supported him in making 60 points at his last game. No one has had this record. If you really want to know how to be a successful, ask Tyre Irving who said ‘I try to immulate him’. Ask young fans that look up to him or older fans who love his style. Anyone who has five championship rings can tell you a thing or two about how to be a successful basketball player.

Why Kobe Bryant was Successful Basketball Player essay

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