Western Civilization

Updated May 29, 2021

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Western Civilization essay

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In this essay, the primary discussion will be on understanding civilization. Different people understand civilization in different ways, this, in turn, translates to the way their ways of lifestyles. The primary source of the essay is on the ‘the idea of self-sufficiency’ by Epicurus. The book discusses how people can be self-sufficient by developing peace of mind to overcome their greatest fears. According to the source, the major fears of man are the fear of the Gods and the fear of death. The two play a vital role in judging man’s lifestyle and how he lives to avoid crashing with the greatest fears that he experiences.

The above brings in the conclusion and develops a thesis statement that explains civilization as “the stability of the economy and the general stability of human life through food security, infrastructural development, political stability, positive ethnicity, and finally respect to human rights.’ The essay will focus on the last part of human rights that states the reason for man living as he lives. When the two greatest fears are combined, they form the basement to modern society through a guide on the ethical aspects.

Firstly “Death does not concern us because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist.” Death is a major fear of man and it is very hard for man to face the truth that everyone will one day die. The fear of death has been conquered by the statement above and in turn leads to civilization programs. Through the statement, people develop courage and has encouraged civilization programs in the western nations.

Economic civilization can be traced back to the era of industrial revolution where the world saw the development of various major industries. The development of industries led to the creation of job opportunities and creation of fortunes for some of the veteran entrepreneurs although the creation of wealth cannot be named as a benefit to the globe, the concept can further be backed up by the economic policies of capitalism.

Developed by the US and other primary economically stable states instilled the virtue of hard work to the citizens of the specific countries. The economic policy allowed for private citizens to own property (Doefman &Joseph 1947). The only liable thing that the citizens had to comply with was payment of taxes to the state.

When one performs a task for his financial gain, he /she tends to put in more effort. This policy led to the development of hardworking strategies by citizens. During this period there was the emergence of one of worlds veteran entrepreneurs. In another aspect of economic growth was the introduction of 24-hour economies. This economic policy provides a 24-hour run to the economy where there are three working shifts a day. The three working shifts are equally divided into 8-hour shifts.

The changes do not provide a vacuum for the businesses to close down. The best part of this economic policy in the life of the citizens is the provision of extra job opportunities to both the skilled and non-skilled citizens. That extra shift can be seen to offer plenty of new job opportunities to citizens who formerly were jobless. These illustrations above show how significant the economic civilization has been to the majority of people. The fear of death has influenced the economic development.

Secondly, man’s greatest fear of God has resulted in numerous adoptions and changes in administration. Humans believe that God is our creator and contradicting with his teachings result to death. The fear of God has resulted in great civilization levels in administration and the mode of politics globally. It has led to significant changes in the way politics is run in the modern society. The civilization concept has been seen to cause various changes to the Arabic and African nations.

There has been seen to have had some changes in the government systems. In the previous forms of government, there were common cases of dictatorship in the countries. In the previous forms of government, the president had superior powers; the presidents had more than enough powers that would define them to be above the law. This condition made violations on human rights and freedom common.

During the period of insanity, several dictators arose to be major headaches to their countries population. Political civilization has further been embraced through changes in constitutions to comply with international laws. This has limited powers of presidents and reducing the previous powers that in other words would have termed them to have been immune to the judicial systems.

The other significant change as political civilization is the changes in the international community that created the international criminal court in Hague in the Netherlands to prosecute crimes against humanity (Malinowski &Bronislaw, 2015). The ethnic incited wars that lead to massive death in some countries. For the current civil war in the country. Some of these civilization efforts have helped in the protection of human rights and human dignity in general.

Freedom can also explain political civilization. The globe has experienced this kind of civilization through abolish the slave trade and colonized countries being granted freedom. Media freedom can also explain this in all countries. This civilization has not yet been met by a majority of the countries in the world.

The term civilization can also be defined in the aspect of human rights protection. During the civilization age, the fight against human rights has been a priority for non-governmental organizations. The fight against the human dignity has taken a different course in the past several decades after the second world war (Donnelly & Jack. 1998). A period when human rights were defiled a lot.

After the period there was a need to create a body to address the issues on human rights by the united nations. The urgent need to this led to formation of the united nations human rights commissions to help in the fight. The significant achievements to the aim of the UN in human rights protection were the formation of the international criminal court. The court was formed after the agreement of the member states of the UN signing a deal in Rome to establish the court that would help in prosecuting human rights cases.

The court mostly indicts high profile defilers. Most of the courts in the African and Asian countries are not transparent for such cases to be handed to them. The court has been seen to have significant successes since its formation some achievements. This court has helped in protecting the human right to comply with Gods teachings on life and the relation with other humans.

In conclusion, it is through man’s greatest fears that the world can live harmoniously. The statements and pieces of evidence above try to show how significant the whole concept of religion and death have an impact on the levels of civilizations. Also, from the above can discover that civilization is not only seen through infrastructural development but can also be viewed as the condition when there is mental sanity. Despite the two discussed points being a gauge to civilization they provide the basement to morality and help protect the rights of the marginal group.

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Western Civilization essay

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