“Good morning, Vietnam” Movie Review Character Analysis

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In the movie, “Good morning, Vietnam”, in which took place in 1965, an unorthodox and irreverent radio host named Adrian Cronauer has to be reassigned to the Armed Forces Radio Saigon airwaves down in Saigon, Vietnam.

During the film, Cronauer had witnessed a bombing of a G.I bar and also tries to get at a Vietnamese woman. Throughout the film, the armed forces had censored out what would be broadcasted and only show the good so that the people of Saigon had nothing to be afraid of. He was sent there for a purpose to bring a little laughter into the U.S soldiers in which they had started to lose their sense of humor. But as he began to realize throughout his journey that in Saigon he mentioned things that the people of Saigon did not know what was happening, since the Armed Forces had updates constantly of what was going on but they had censored what was being broadcasted on the radio station. He was a human who brought laughter and joy into their lives. The film had portrayed, that the U.S did not provoke nor attacked North Vietnam until well after the North had attacked many of the U.S troops that were stationed in South Vietnam.

The Vietnam War was one of the bloodiest wars in the history of Vietnam. Vietnam used to be a peaceful country until the idea of communism started spreading across Vietnam. Many wanted to stay democratic but saw what happened to the Germans and started to lean towards communism. Many also wanted to stay democratic and still had it hopes high that it will soon get their lives and economy back on track. It later exploded into a huge argument and then leads to a civil war spurring between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The war started because North Vietnam wanted to be communist and south wanted to be democratic. It got to a heated discussion that later splurged into a worldwide debate, which later leads North Vietnam (along with other communist countries such as the Soviet Union.) to attack South Vietnam and other allied countries(such as the United States.).

Many of the world’s civilians saw the war as a “waste of time.” or “waste of government spending.”. It ended with neither side really gaining or losing anything. Which leads into the question…What were the all-around effects on the Vietnamese in the Vietnam War and how did it affect our world and vets afterward.

Sequentially, there are a lot of listed factors that one can say, reliance on new weapons and improvement of technology, the development of new war tactics and also war pre-cations were huge effects on the Vietnam War. There was an increase in the industrialization of the production of guns in order to keep up.

In Sandra Taylor, “Teaching the Vietnam War”, she mentions, “Yet the Vietnam War, past history for Americans for nine years, cannot be dismissed, though we might like to forget”(Taylor 57). It is because many people have died from this war estimating over 2 million from both sides of the country. The United States had gotten involved and there was no way to back out from the war. Once you come in, you cannot come out. During the time, Preside Johnson had sent aid the people of South Vietnam in the form of American Military Troops.


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