Understanding Mexican Culture

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Ever wondered how Mexican culture is? Here is some insight of my personal experience. I must mention how intriguing the Mexican culture really is. This culture is made up of mainly religion, values, food, traditions, music, and dance. I was introduced to this culture at a young age which I then became accustomed to the rituals, traditions, and holidays. A most common Mexican tradition that my family celebrates is the quinceañera celebration. On December 12, we celebrate a major Mexican holiday which is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. My family expresses that we are affectionate by being honest and open with one another when communicating on an everyday basis. We enjoy having family interventions to speak about feelings, worries, or even goals.

The important factors of appropriate childrearing practices affect my views because Mexican culture tend to enforce punishment differently. For example, Hispanic parents believe that physical punishment is more appropriate for the child to learn from his wrongs to rights. They believe that if there isn’t some sort of discipline implied, then that the child would eventually walk over the parent. Mexicans encourage for a women to go natural and breastfeed her child because its belief that it’s the best way a child could develop healthier. I believe its more effective to teach toddlers at younger age how to feed themselves since it would help them learn and grown independently. Some discipline techniques I would personally follow through with is time out and offer choices on how the consequence should be handled. I do not believe spanking is an effective discipline technique since it doesn’t necessarily make the child behave appropriately anyway and simply implements aggression. I wouldn’t use different methods based on gender.

Culture is an important part of people’s live since it influences your practices, beliefs, and values. Therefore, when you work with people or are trying to build relationships, it helps to have some insight and understating of their culture. Having a better perspective on other cultures could help you understand how it might be in a different culture group. Being aware of your cultural differences around you helps project our values onto others as well. Being fully aware of your culture beforehand helps immensely. If you fully understand your own cultural perspectives you could gain knowledge on various groups which makes it easier to interact and respond to different situations. This knowledge would help you understand that everybody’s culture is different.

There are various ways to learn more about the values of different cultural groups such as reading widely to children and families about diversity backgrounds and culture. You could read books, journals, novels, watch movies, and inform children about family members or neighborhood leaders who are willing to speak about their personal practices and beliefs. You could also learn ones culture by simply observing and listening to how they communicate different.ly Keep in mind that one thing to avoid while doing so is stereotyping, don’t rely on what one person says. Instead try to look for more accurate information that would be helpful to understand your culture.

Learning about other people’s culture interests me since, you can expand your knowledge on things you didn’t even know existed. I think it really is important to value and learn more about your culture so you could better understand your roots. When I was so much younger, I was ashamed of mentioning my culture and didn’t like identifying myself as Mexican. The main reason behind this was because I vividly remember being made made of for not being fluent in Spanish. Taking multiple courses in high school with intentions to improve my vocabulary only made it so much more worse for me. I remember the students laughing at me for not being able to speak it fluently.

After getting picked on frequently in the class whether it was from students or the teacher himself I decided to make the decision to pretend like I didn’t know how to speak it or not speak it all. With this mentality, people wouldn’t identify me as a Latina and would make up cultures they thought I fit best in. At the end, taking those courses and passing with the highest grade in the class made me realize that if I continued I would lose my Mexican roots.I felt ashamed for being ashamed of who I was and now extremely proud of my Mexican culture because it played a huge role in the person I am today. I am comfortable discussing issues related to my culture because it is a lot more easier for me to understand what is occurring.

Teaching children about cultural diversity at a young age is important since they’re already forming ideas about themselves. If we reinforce these lessons to children early on, children would learn how to accept and appreciate differences and recognize stereotypes. Children are already learning through television, books, pictures and interactions which would help them be aware early on about their own culture and others.

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