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Types of Weapons in World War 1

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Types of Weapons in World War 1 essay
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In World War 1 there were so many weapons used. There were diffrent types of guns, diffrent vehicles that had guns, and there was chemical warfare In World War 1 there was for example, machine guns, tanks, muskeets. The weapons soldiers used were very powerful. The weapons they used in World War 1 were very diffrent from the weapons now.

One type of weapon they used were guns. For example one type of gun was the muskeet. The muskeet had a knife on one end and on the other it was a gun. There were also rifles which was commonly used in World War 1. They also used machine gunsin World War 1. “Most machine guns of World War 1 were based on Hiram Maxim’s 1884 design. The machine gun sustained fire for 450-600 rounds per minute. This allowed the defenders to cut down attacking waves of enemy troops” (Source 3). One of the other guns they used were flamethrowers which they used when germans deployed the weapon at Malancourt. There weren’t alot of weapons during World War 1 but they were still very effective.

The vehicles they used in World War 1 were very powerful. One type of vehicle thay used in World War 1 was the tank which was alo known as the “land battleship”. The tanks were made to support infantury attacks. “The tank was specifically developed to break the trench warfare stalemate” (Source 2) . Another vehicle they used in World War 1 was the submarine. The Imperial German Navy were the ones most popularly associated with the submarine during World War 1. They also used aircarft vehicles in World War 1. During the war multi-engine bombers were developed by Germany. The vehicles before and during the war increased in number and in quality.

Chemical warfare first appeared in 600 BCE. The chemical warfare weapon used in World War 1 was August 1914, “During the first month of World War I the French deploy tear-gas grenades, (which) first developed in 1912 for police use” (Source 1). Three months later in October another use of chemical weapons was used by the Germans which were called shells adn they contained dianisidine chlorosulfate which caused lung irritation. Later in April of 1915 a large amount of chemical weapons were forced out by the Germans, “Nearly 170 metric tons of chlorine gas in 5,730 cylinders are buried along a four-mile stretch of the front. In the end more than 1,100 people are killed by the attack and 7,000 are injured” (Source 1). In October 13-14, 1918, “ A young Adolf Hitler, an enlisted messenger in the trenches at Werwick near Ypres, is temporarily blinded during a gas attack” (Source 1). World War 1 ended with 1.3 millon calualties caused by chemical warfare.

These diffrent weapons were so pwoerful in many ways. The guns, vehicles, and chemical weapons used during World War 1 got stronger aas the war went on. There was a vast majority of the weapons used in World War 1. After the war weapons used today are diffrent.

Types of Weapons in World War 1 essay

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