Theme of My Persuasive Speech

Updated April 20, 2022

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Theme of My Persuasive Speech essay

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My topic for my persuasive speech was doctor-assisted suicide. A doctor or physician-assisted suicide transpires when a medical doctor facilitates the end of a patient’s life by giving them a lethal dose or a pill. This usually happens if patients are terminally ill and there is no chance of recovery. My topic was controversial for religious and moral reasons. I picked this topic because it was different from anything I ever wrote about. I also was genuinely interested in learning more. It captured my attention and I thought it would do the same for the audience.

I think I did much better during this speech. I was confident in my delivery and I was confident in my stance. Although I was nervous I was able to overcome this problem through practice. My body language skills also improved from the last speech. I gave the audience eye contact and kept my head held high. My facial expressions also did not read nervousness. I think it is important to have good posture and establish eye contact during a speech. In my opinion, I came across my self-assured and confident during my speech.

Areas I need to improve upon is doing a better job of following the outline of my speech. A good outline helps you to stay on topic and hit certain key points of your speech. An outline is basically the blueprint for your speech or presentation. I didn’t realize the outline format of an informative speech is slightly different from a persuasive speech. Next time I know to do more research on how to compose my speech for a persuasive presentation. That was a huge mistake that negatively impacted my speech.

I plan on improving my public speaking skills through practice. Although my persuasive speech was better than my informative speech there always room for improvement. Although the class is coming to an end, continuing to practice will help me with other classes that I may have to give a speech or a presentation. I also plan on applying these skills to my everyday life, especially at work. I realized that it sometimes normal to feel nervous or anxious, but the key is to get over your fear and just do it. Another way I plan on improving is knowing my audience and letting my personality come through. This would grab the audience’s attention and make me more relatable.

I think my audience felt intrigued and captivated by my speech. Doctor-assisted suicide is an unusual and controversial l topic and I think it captured their attention. Also, I was more confident in my delivery which made listening to my speech more interesting. Also, I gave plenty of examples during the speech that would cause my audience to see my point of view. In my opinion, my opening statement did a great job of getting the audience’s attention. Overall, I listened to the advice the professor gave me and practiced my speech even more which positively impacted my public speaking skills. I am very grateful for this class.

Theme of My Persuasive Speech essay

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