The Vacation To Costa Rica

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Costa Rica’s warm ocean waters provide a great home for a variety of fish, including my favorite the massive Marlin. Many tourists travel to this extravagant Spanish-speaking country to try their luck with sport-fishing and landing a record catch, while others come to appreciate the relaxing recreational fishing. The Pacific coast of Costa Rica is well known for Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Snapper, Roosterfish, Tuna, Dorado, and many other amazing fish species. On the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, you can expect to fish for Tarpon, also known as the silver king, and Snook. Growing up in Pensacola, Florida with a dad addicted to fishing, it was no surprise that I love it just as much, if not more. I grew up fishing for Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Dorado, Tuna, Snapper and some others, but fishing is a sport, because you have to work for it.

Although, when it comes to Costa Rica, you may not have to work as hard to catch a real nice fish, as long as you go during the right time of year for what you expect to catch. When I was six years old, my dad brought our family to Costa Rica for a vacation. Of course, my dad booked multiple fishing trips for the time we were there, and at the age of six I caught my first bill fish, a beautiful 100-pound Sailfish! You could say, that was when I was hooked on the amazing sport of fishing. One of the best or more rare fish to catch in other places, that are spectacular in Costa Rica are the extremely sought after, Tarpon. In Costa Rica, Tarpon are located on the Caribbean coat and are known for their beauty and size. Costa Rica Tarpons weigh around a whopping 150-pounds, assuring that you have a good fight on your hands. Opposed to the average Tarpon in the United States weighing around 80 to 100-pounds. The trill and excitement of Costa Rica fishing is an exhilarating experience that will surpass any expectations; for I would recommend anyone to encounter this adventure.

The next question to answer is, “Where to go for the best sport fishing in Costa Rica?” Since we know the fishing is spectacular, it is important to know where the best spots to go would be for whatever you may be expecting to catch. Some well-known places with quality operations with charter boats and vacation rentals consist of: Jaco, Manuel, Antonio, and Quepos. Opposed to Guanacaste, where there are quite few quality charters. For the Northern Pacific coast destinations, some of the finest places to go include: Carillo, Samara, Garza, Nosara, Tamarindo, and Flamingo. Then, for the Southern Pacific coast destinations there are outstanding ports in the places: Drake Bay, Mata Palo, Puerto Jimenez, and Golfito which is near the wild and majestic Corcovado National Park. If you are looking to catch big Snook and Tarpon, there are immaculate fishing lodges on the Caribbean coast. Some places to consider are: Barra del Colorado, Rio Colorado, Tortuguero, Rio Parma, Rio Frio, and Cano Negro. Some other places to fish comprise: San Juan River, Lake Nicaragua, backwaters, lagoons, and wide rivers like those that extend inland from Tortuguero to Barra de Colorado.

Finally, we need to address the question, “How is Costa Rica’s fishing this incredible?” First, the Costa Rican fishing regulations are enforced through the Institute of Fish and Aquaculture. It is vitally important to attain your fishing license and keep it with you at all times while fishing. One can attain their fishing license at most public docks at the low price of $24, or one could get their fishing license by some chartering boats or fishing tour packages. Next, it is important to abide by the crucial regulation placed on catch and releasing the fish caught. The catch and release law claims that anglers must release all game they catch, though they can retain the fish long enough to measure and weigh it in a timely manner.

This is the main regulation that packs a punch to the safety of the fish and to assuring that the fish will still be around in years to come. Many locals of Costa Rica make their living by providing these fishing tours and services, therefore it is essential to follow this rule to affirm their jobs in the future. Another critical fishing law pertains to the anglers using circle hooks opposed to the more lethal J-shaped hooks, to assure the fish a safer release and longer life after being caught. Individuals using anything but a circle hook can be fined or have their fishing license revoked.

In conclusion, Costa Rica is an extravagant place to go to fishing as well as many other recreational activities. I love Costa Rica for the incredible fishing, of course, as well as the absolutely spectacular scenery. Furthermore, I truly enjoy the Costa Rican culture and people, they are always so happy to help and make the vacation to Costa Rica the best it could possibly be. Of all the places I have visited, I would choose Costa Rica over anywhere, anytime. Although, if you are a fisher or just enjoy recreational fishing, I would recommend you to go to Costa Rica and experience this unbelievable adventure!


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