The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

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Table of Contents

The Glass Menagerie was one of the most famous memory plays which was written by Tennessee Williams III, an American playwright. The story revolves around the main character who is narrating the events of his past life through his memory. The plot is about some other characters apart from the main character who are the family members. The author and narrator plays as Tom in the play with his mother Amanda and his sister Laura. There is another character Jim who is introduced in the middle of the story. Amanda was abandoned by her husband when she was young and she raised her children Tom and Laura alone despite her financial constraints.

Some of the crucial aspects of life that are dreams, hopes, and plans have been described in the memory play. There are many quotes that have been used to describe the dreams, hopes, and plans associated with the life of a family. The memory play is opened by the narrator with his first code where he introduces the main characters of the play with a brief description. The quote 1.1 of the play for the mention that every event might not happen as the way it might look like. Laura is having a limp due to the after effect of polio and hence she is suffering with inferiority complex. Another significant quote for open the play has been written by the poet’s mother where she expresses her concern about the future of her family. Amanda as per quote 2.10 is concerned about the future plans of the lives of Laura and Tom and therefore she looks for a suitor to get Laura married as Amanda finds this to be a workable solution.

Amanda further describes in the quote 2.16 that she deeply things about the careers and future of her children but is also concerned about the possibility of failure because the children irreconcilable with her aspirations about the future. She wants her son to get a stable life by excellent at his job but he is unwilling to continue with his job at the warehouse and wants to be a writer for which he depreciates of sleep and writes his contents. Amanda also expresses her distressed mindset in the quote 2.34 where she describes that the family will have to amuse themselves with a glass menagerie because they will not have anything interesting in the future.

Tom who was working at a shoe warehouse against his will interacts with many young and eligible bachelor men. Hence, Amanda told him to look for one of his acquaintances as a suitor for Laura. Tom had an acquaintance named Jim who was a clerk at the same warehouse who confidentially also happens to be schoolmate of Laura whom she had a crush on but never expressed about it due to fear and shyness. Jim was invited to Tom’s place for dinner where he and Amanda intended to establish a romantic relationship between Jim and Laura. After sometime of group interaction between all characters, Jim and Laura are left alone when Laura admits about her secret Crush during school days on Jim. She also mentions that she feels inferior about herself following which Jim comforts her and encourages her to feel bold and confident about herself. The talks between both the characters continue for some time and they develop a temporary bond and share a dance. Jim kisses Laura after the dance and just after that a glass menagerie of a unicorn which was kept as a showpiece at Amanda’s house falls down and breaks its horn. As a result of this, the unicorn looks like an ordinary horse. Immediately after Jim is back to his senses from the temporary feeling of ecstasy and a romantic bond between him and Laura, he expresses his opinion and says that he is about to get married with his fiancé and is in a deep and true relationship with her.


As a consequence of this disclosure, Amanda and Laura become upset and just before Jim leaves from their house, Laura offers The Broken Glass menagerie to him as a souvenir. After Jim has left, Amanda blames Tom for his negligence and not collecting the information about the marital status of Jim. Tom remain silent as he himself didn’t know about Jim being already engaged to get married soon and thinks of the possible reason of the outcome. He also thinks that Jim might have lied about his marital status and his fiancé because he did not had any romantic relationship with Laura. Amanda expresses her anger against Tom and moves on to comfort Laura who is still very upset because of everything that had happened with her hopes and Amanda’s plans for the future. As a result of this, Tom finally says goodbye to his mother and sister and moves on to become a poet. The further outcomes have not been described in the glass menagerie and it is assumed that every character found his or her way of life in the future.


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