Sexual Offenses and Offenders

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Sources of Statistical Information on Sexual Offenses and Offenders

They can be found at any law enforcement agencies, all probation agencies, any crisis or shelter foundations, also child protective services. Sexual offenses are ranged by type such as: adults of men and women, teenagers, and even young children. Most children learn by what they see and grow up thinking its ok to commit sexual crimes with others. Sexual offenses can be classified as committed felony actual contact for sexual needs, force of rape, manslaughter, molestation, an offense against a minor, and sexual abuse. Where others prefer to peep and tom, do pornographic movies or pictures, and sexual conversations. The difference is offenders will never report so if they do report then it’s to an anonymous business. Somewhere they can’t be convicted of an offense and offense can be reported to any agency at any time or any crisis hotline.

The Most Significant Problems in Determining the true Prevalence of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse happens to many people all around the world. People who are abused do not report due to being afraid of the consequences or not giving a testimony due to embarrassment. The child or adult are afraid to speak up because they are threatened to hurt their family or hurt the abuser. If a child is a victim of a sex offender than it is likely that the sex offender will sent to prison for a certain amount of time. Sex offenders can either be arrested or convicted or will be put on parole, but will have to be registered as a sex offender where ever he/she chooses to live for the safety of other children who will live nearby.

Report Accuracy of Sexual Offending Many Years after the Abuse Occurred

In accurate. Due to being so long ago depending on how many times the abuse has happened since the first time, the first time will be blurry not much memory there. Depending on how violent the act is, it could be that you don’t remember the last time even if it happened just a week ago It all depends on the abuse and the frequency, but after several years your memory deteriorated with such violent acts. The victim usually wants to forget what happened on that day so they do whatever it takes to block that memory.

What should be done to Increase reporting of Sexual Abuse?

Some sort of incentive or feeling of protection. Actions speak louder than words. Show that if you repeat abuse nothing further will happen to you. Your life is special and we take your life serious. If you report abuse, we will stop it right then and there no matter what the situation is. That will allow more people to feel comfortable in reporting abuse of themselves or others.

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