Satire in The Book Chauvinist’s Guide to Modern Romance by Morris Rollins

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The Chauvinist’s Guide to Modern Romance by Morris Rollins (Pen Name) is a quick, 64-page how-to guide for a chauvinist man to “get” a woman. As referenced by the cover, the book is a “guide” for chauvinists trying to date women by giving a history of dating women, different types of women and how to get their attention with suggestive illustrations. The author starts by describing men and women, what they are, what they need, and what they want.

Then, the author goes into detail about a variety of topics, from types of men like; Nice Guys and Tough Guys, and types of women from; Good Girls, Bad Girls, and Blondes. The book also has helpful suggestions of how a man must dress depending on where they are going, and how the body language says more about you than words when you meet someone new. The book is very brief and can be read even by a slow reader in less than an hour.

While reading the book, I could not help but wonder if it was written to be satirical or taken literally. Because, if taken as a satire, it has the potential for a little humor but, if taken literally, it is pretty offensive to a woman, and some of the ideas mentioned would be offensive if not criminal. Also, assuming that the author meant the book as a satirical guide for men, it is a weak satire at best, with very little research and offering very feeble comedy that might not interest most lovers of satirical comedies. A well-detailed satire on the same subject, like with real experiences of wooing women from various men would have added the much-needed humor to this otherwise dull book. I would not recommend this book to minors or anybody who could be offended by the sexist remarks on women.

The editing of the book was professional, and I found no grammatical errors. Irrespective of the book’s stand on satire, I dislike it and give this book a rating of 1 out of 4 stars, mainly due to its vague stand on whether it’s a satire or not and also because of the lack of full-fledged detail that makes it uninteresting and unbelievable as a book. I would recommend this book to adults who are looking to spend time with a weak comedy accompanied by suggestive pictures for a few laughs at a card game.


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