Satire Genre in Literature

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Satire is a genre of literature that uses different techniques, forms, strong words and emotions to deliver it messages to the readers. However,There is almost 4 common techniques that are usually used by satire to present and ridicules its subject such as Exaggeration, Irony, Parody, and Reversal. Each of this techniques have it own way and it own features in showing or presenting subjects, and points that are usually considered illogical and absurd.

Moreover, Satire has 2 main and basic types: Horatian Satire and Juvenalian Satire. Each of this types work in an unexpected , different and indirectly paricular amusing way; in order to present a clear image with some hidden facts to the reader or the society. For instance Horatian Satire is usually used to view or point out foolishness , furthermore it often used to expose society’s issues and faults or universal human stupidity in a ridiculous soft way ,So we can laugh at first then realize and identify what we are actually facing .

While Juvanalian satire is described as abrasive, offensive , personal and more opprobrious compared to Horatian Satire. Juvanalian Satire is characterized and base on a sharp nature and a personal critique of and individual or society. Juvanalian often aims to provoke change and to review, expose or criticize an issue or a person who can usually be a politician who the writer or the editor consider harmful and dangerous to the society or the world as whole. Moreover we can see that Juvenalian Satire usually speaks and focuses on sensitive issues and cases such as Religion, Race, Politices , or Violence, not often as humorous.

“Guitar lessons in the USA” Just by looking at the caption and linking it with the picture you will find many unspoken words and tears. This Image reveals one of the most unfortunate and saddest things ever. Gun deaths, violent and muder crimes ,including suicides has rise and reached it highest rate in more than 20 years in the USA. As It is obvious now how Americans are engage in violence and how some of them are taking it as a way of life, while others consider it as it is something normal and entertaining but also easy to deal with just like the guitar lessons. In my view what would lead a country or a whole society into such a thing except Ignorance?, Lack of knowledge ,and The USA History of Race and Racism and many other reasons are exactly where this all started at first. This picture shows and explains Juvenalian Satire even more, It is a perfect example to present the angry and sharp side of the Satire genre.

In conclusion, We find that Satire is a literature path and key that is highly and indirectly effective on people and the society as whole. Satire always aim to make a change and to make an improvment and to make people change their thoughts by showing them the full image of life. Satire makes us aware ,and enlighten us about the world and society’s issues such as Violence, Pollution ,Global warming, Bullying, Politics corruption, Social media..etc, But in an amusing way that will attract the reader’s attention and interest, as it will make us think about the fact that there is many issues and problems that need solutions and demand for our attention.


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