Represent of Hard Work in Team in “Remember the Titans” Review

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This movie looks into at a bunch of people that come together to make a team and in the end, overcome things and win them a league title. Many things came together to form the factors which can affect the team’s performance. As we look at the movie we think of that transformed a team after having a new coach in and look at how they worked together to go from nothing and losing all time and not getting along to moving forward and working together to win the league title. With every leadership, we look at how everything can factor in and affect the team.

Leadership is the meaning of someone of a group of people or organization. To be a good leader we must bring values to a team that way it teaches them. When we look at a team we look toward a leader to give guidance and input toward leading them to success and as a team leader without one I feel that there would be no control and guidelines to follow for success either.

A decent leader should have comprised of, having tolerance, acting naturally restrained, having some type of insight, being idealistic, and being positive about what they do to give that indispensable data or learning that will enable the individuals from the club to be better players.

They are likewise reassuring to the colleagues and not be negative towards them, which gives the players certainty and fixation on what they have to move forward. Besides they ought to have the capacity to push players to their greatest capacity amid preparing and amid the match. Also, they ought to have the capacity to keep up the team spirit in awful circumstances, which will profit the team members in the event that they ever need to deal with something or during a game or a comfort in times of dire need inside their own life.

In Remember the Titans there is an undeniable impact with the coach onto the team. The coach of the whole team (Coach Boone) was different than the whole team, therefore, because of his color most of the players looked down on him at first. They thought that they would be made fun of by other players, but he put them in their place by giving them discipline and manners when it came to other teams.

In the movie, leadership helps impacted by the team because the leader throughout the season has taught them the key skills that they would need to become a better team. The coach helps the teammates and it benefited the team because of their winning record as they go on through the movie. Leadership has affected the group dynamics as they are the individual who controls the gathering, trains them, propels them to end up as well as can be expected to be and turned into the individual which the players can look upward. The group elements wouldn’t work appropriately without a coach in light of the fact that the players wouldn’t comprehend what is going on inside the team and what they would need to take a shot at in the training ground.

The coach has the obligation to exhibit and show inspiration in the group for them to end up a win and without a leader, the majority of this would be for all intents and purposes incomprehensible. The group could have the better players however without a coach to direct the team winning a title is low. The leader prepares and guides them towards doing the right things and what they have to enhance to be better. In 1965 the theory came up with that there were stages of development theory which was thought of by Chris Wayne Tuckman these stages of development consist of forming, storming, norming and performing. The factors of these stages were the performance that affected group dynamics of everything.

The stages gave the teammates a picture of how things would be as a good team. Forming is the first stage of this group development. When the team meets and got together this was the start of the forming. After forming there may be times where there may be conflict among the group when this happens we go into the storming part for the team. When this happens usually the coach will not get involved and try to let the player figure things out. After this is when players start thinking about their strengths and weaknesses between themselves and the other teammates. This stage leads to the team figuring out who they are as a team.

This stage also helps the teammates start building trust between them all which in turn helps everyone learn that the team has differences and this also leads to building a relationship and in turn can help better communication. This is stage helps with group dynamics and affect how the team can progress from not getting along to working together to reach goals and win. When we look at Remember the Titans these stages are shown because they build friendships between them which helps their team performance so they can win. In the movie Remember the Titans the team was a successful team because of the way the team had leadership, cohesion.

It all had to do with the way the players and coaches came together even when they there different and worked to become disciplined. In the long run, the team benefited because the respected everyone and never made anyone feel left out or not apart of the team. The coaches made sure the motivated the team and that helped them when they went out on the field. In the end, titans went from the bottom to the top with all the younger kids coming up behind them wanting to be like them. I believe this movie shows with hard work and working as a team together and not against each other that you can make any goal or problem that may be thrown at you.

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How was team building shown in Remember the Titans provide examples?
In the film Remember the Titans, team building is shown through the relationship between Coach Boone and his assistant coach Herman Boone. The two coaches are able to put aside their personal differences and work together to build a winning football team.
Who was a leader in Remember the Titans?
One leader in Remember the Titans was Coach Herman Boone, who led the Titans to an undefeated season. Another leader was Gerry Bertier, the team's captain, who was killed in a car accident.
Why is Coach Boone a good Coach?
He is able to lead and motivate his team to success. He also has a great deal of knowledge about the game of football.
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