Theme of Friendship and Racism in Remember the Titans

Updated June 24, 2021

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Theme of Friendship and Racism in Remember the Titans essay

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There are a lot of people who would believe that racism was a thing in the past. Segregation was no longer in place, and racism disappeared with them. The reality of the situation is that racial discrimination has just grown. It is now an indirect and unconscious shadow that hidden behind racial jokes and closed doors. There are areas in the United States where poor African Americans must drink contaminated water or must protest for injustices on the street. These inequalities highlight the present state of racism in society and make it obvious that the discrimination and prejudice against race is more alive than ever.

The people who believe that racism is a thing of the past are simply turning a blind eye to the inequalities because they do not conform to their definition of racism. A solution to this blindness is social media, news which can be an effective aid by showing an accurate image of the reality that racial minorities live every day. The movie “Remember the Titans” is a prime example of how to warn(show) people the racism that’s been going on in our society for years and to stop or help reduce racial discrimination.

The most important lesson we learn from the movie called “Remember the Titans” is friendship. This film is about high school boys playing football during blending of white and black schools. The Titans became one of the best teams in Virginia, having a 13-0 record, and winning the state championships while overcoming racism and making new friendships. The characters in the movie, music, and costumes helped me to understand this theme.

Gary’s Bertier’s girlfriend Emma would not want to know his black friend Julius. The Film shows us when Emma meets Julius, she refuses to shake his hand. At the end of the movie she overcomes her racism and learns to accept black people. We see this in the movie before the state championship game, Emma offers to shake Julius hand. These two scenes show the change in Emma’s attitude and helped me to understand the theme of friendship.

Emma went from being ignorant towards Julius to offering her friendship. The director shows us how black and white people can learn to come together and become friends. Emma plays an important role in this movie, she made us realize that everyone can be friends with people who are ‘different’ to us. The film shows us how the Titans helped the people of Virginia to come together, and fight racism and accept everyone.

Another main theme is teamwork makes it dream work, is shown is when Gary and Julius are telling each other what the others are doing wrong in the game. A scene of them arguing showed their frustration and anger with one another. Julius tells Gary, ‘Attitude reflects leadership, Captain.’ The next day at practice Gary’s takes Julius’s advice; the game goes well because they learn to play as a team. We see in another scene where Gary coming up to Julius in the game, and saying, ‘Left side’ to which Julius responds, ‘Strong side’.

Gary and Julius’s eventually become best friends, as do the rest of the team. These two scenes helped me to understand the theme as it shows the significant change in Gary and Julius’s relationship. Coach Boone and coach Yoast were happy because the whole team was becoming friends with each other so as the coaches were becoming friends with each other. The director wants us to know that everyone’s opinions should be considered, even if they are a different race.

We should learn to accept each other’s ‘differences’ because we can learn from each other, instead of being racist and unaccepting. Boaz Yakin the director of the film wants everyone to think back and remember the important lessons the Titans have taught us, to not forget their effort and struggle they had to go through to improve our society.

Ending of the film we see a scene where the Titans marching together to the beat of the drum, all wearing matching cloths. This shows us their friendship and how they’ve accepted each another, even if they are not the same race. The battle music deeply helped me to understand the strength of the Titans, while the matching cloths(suits) showed that they have learnt to treat everyone equally.

Because of this, they have also learnt to be best friends. The director wants to show us how the Titans overcoming their racism had made a difference in the society from learning to treat each other equally. The movie hopes that this will encourage the audience to do the same, to overcome racism by treating others equally. The Titans become the symbol for the community of Virginia.

In conclusion, the theme of teamwork and friendship was shown by the camera work; especially special scenes, costume, and music. The movie shows us what is was like before and after the Titans became friends, which helped me to understand the theme by recognizing the significant changes. The Titans marching at the end ties the whole film together, the music helped me to understand the strong friendships they have. The director wants us to realize we can stop racism in our society, by showing us how attitudes have changed. The director wants us to realize that, we can change too and encourages us and others by showing the film to everyone to make them understand to treating everyone equally and to stop racism. He wants to make sure that the people will always “Remember the Titans.”

Theme of Friendship and Racism in Remember the Titans essay

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