Remember the Titans Movie Analysis

Updated June 24, 2021

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Remember the Titans Movie Analysis essay

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There are numerous sorts of preference, a few incorporate: ageism, sexism, classism, and as shown in ‘Remember the Titans’ prejudice. There are diverse sorts of separation; direct segregation and indirect segregation.

In Remember the Titans there are many scenes that are very impactful. The movie teaches a lot of different lessons and has many different stereotypes. In Virginia, high school football could be a way of life, an institution respected, each diversion celebrated more luxuriously than Christmas, each playoff recognized more terrifically than any national occasion. And with such acknowledgment, comes effective feelings. In 1971 high school football was everything to the individuals of Alexandria. But when the neighborhood school board was constrained to coordinate an all dark school with an all-white school, the exceptionally establishment of football’s awesome convention was put to the test.


For me the scene where Coach Boone delivered the speech at Gettysburg was the most impactful. The speech was displayed to the football group with the aim of pulling them together as a unit and making a difference the boys to start to overcome the preposterous racial pressures of the time. In my opinion, Coach Boone’s speech was greatly successful. He effectively consolidated logos, tenderness, and ethos into his spiel inside a matter of minutes.

The exceptionally to begin with thing that stood out to me whereas tuning in to Coach Boone talk was his area. Boone uses his environment to his advantage. He takes the group to the battle site in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and employments verifiable realities related to the battleground to parallel to the reason of his discourse. This naturally makes a sense of realness and validity. The football group knows that their coach implies business.

Coach Boone tells his group that, “50,000 men passed on right here on this field battling the same battle that we’re still battling among ourselves.’. This cite alone naturally pulls on my feelings. The coach goes into detail approximately the sounds and sights related with the fight and goes on to say that his group must take a lesson from the dead and pull together some time recently everybody kicks the bucket within the conclusion. Coach Boone commendably employments chronicled actualities, enthusiastic request, and a suitable area to his advantage whereas talking to his team. I feel that Coach Boone’s need of eye contact and moo tone of voice contribute to the adequacy of his claim discourse.

Boone needs his players to get it the earnestness of the circumstance; he needs them to be mindful of the reality that men died so that they might live together in peace. Boone’s lack of eye contact strengthens the thought that his group should start to work together before they can win his regard. Coach Boone’s closing line is as follows: “…maybe we’ll learn to play this game like men”


Within the movie, racial agreement is accomplished through this. Coach Boone powers the black and white players to sit next to each other on the way to the camp. He assigns them a ‘buddy’ who they then got to learn about. Learning what the individual is really like eliminates generalizations that they initially had around them. It instructed the players to work as a group. The white players find that the blacks aren’t terrible individuals and are great players. Within the starting of the camp, Julius and Bertier can’t stand each other. But after the camp they learn almost each other and ended up incredible companions. “That’s my brother” states Bertier. I feel like it was a good idea to assign each of them a buddy with the opposite race. Yeah, we may not be of the same nationality, but we are more common than most people think.


For obvious reasons the black and whites didn’t get along, even after they passed the law. It was just natural. Could you imagine you and your family being treated like trash, pushed around, beaten and being labelled as a bad person for generations after generations. That’s not something that will or can be fixed overnight. The Blacks thought the whites were too controlling and of a higher power because that’s what they’ve always been told. And likewise, the whites thought all Blacks were endangering their lives and was going to start fights or hurt someone. I feel for both sides if something is ingrained in your head you will think that forever without even thinking about it. I’m not saying it’s right by no means, but I can see both sides. That’s like saying all Christians are bad or vice versa. Yeah, we all make mistakes no matter our race or religion etc…

  1. Character 1. I relate to Sheryl, Coach Yoast daughter the most. She sees the good in others when no one else does. She was the narrator of the movie. She is ten years old during the movie, but she is remembering the events ten years later.
  2. Character 2. I also relate to Sunshine. He isn’t afraid to go against the norm. My favorite part is when he sat next to the blacks at camp and they asked why he wasn’t with his people and he said that we all are his people, no matter the circumstances. I try to get along with everybody I don’t hate anyone, and I always try to see the good in others. He is the Quarterback and known as the dreamy blonde.

The self-evident show of fellowship between Gerry and Julius after the mishap spread like fierce blaze through the group and Gerry’s individual life. The group had no issue conceding when they were not the man for the work, as illustrated when Alan gave up his position for Petey amid the championship amusement. Gerry’s mother made it a point to not as it were clear Julius of his blame with not being there with Gerry when he was within the mishap, but she too went to the diversion and appeared a joined together front and tenacious back for the Titans with Coach Boone’s spouse.

Emma, Gerry’s girlfriend, too made a point to present herself to Julius some time recently the diversion and shake his hand when she couldn’t engage the thought at the begin of school. All these individuals appeared to be able to at long last move past prejudice since of these two youthful men who were courageous enough to break free from what, at the begin of the motion picture, was socially acceptable.

The way that the story was made really connects with mental data. Analyst have learned that the contact speculation seldom works. The thought behind contact speculation is that on the off chance that you spend time with somebody you do not just, like the preference will go absent. Keep in mind the Titans takes after the upgraded contact hypothesis proposed by Gordon Allport. Within the starting of the motion picture, it as of now appears the irregularity to the prior contact speculation when the two groups are constrained to play together and finished up despising each other indeed more.

Here’s when Allport’s four criteria for effective contact comes into play. When Coach Boone states that the leading players will get the beginning positions notwithstanding of their race, it incites correspondence inside the group. Subsequently, Allport’s to begin with step in decreasing prejudice is rise to status since the as it were way to eradicate contempt is when individuals from each side are break even with in everything, whether it is cash or control.

Allport’s moment step of common objectives coordinating into the motion picture when the Titans all need to win each football diversion to induce to the Championships. To attain each win, they must work together and alter their way of considering from the Blacks versus the Whites to ‘Us’ (Titans) versus ‘Them’ (contradicting group). His third step is accomplished when they start to see each other as people, not gather individuals.

This happens within the starting of the motion picture when Coach Boone strengths each Dark understudy to connected separately with each White understudy to memorize individual subtle elements almost each other. The final step is strong specialist, which is shown when Coach Boone and Coach Yoast too learn to see the great in each other through the primary three steps expressed over. The 4th step states that specialists impact the result. The authorities ought to open to alter for bigotry to diminish. When the players see the two coaches getting along, they start to induce alongside each other.

Remember the Titans Movie Analysis essay

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