Prevalence of Intercultural Marriages

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In the globalization era, intercultural marriages are increasingly common.These idea of living together as intercultural marriages are not a problem anymore as long as the two individuals can manage a conflict with positive outcomes and agood, often, and deep communication. As (Renalds, 2011) insisted, Foeman and Nance (1999) said that couples with diverse cultures in addition to developing intimate relationships, each individual will progress this situation with their own unique stages. It is included identify and copying one another and also try to find a way to make everything balance between the two of the individual. This process is time-consuming but somehow, the unique stage of relation-building between diverse cultures are the reason behind the individual interest of intercultural marriages.

However, intercultural marriages may not work out if there is no commitment from the two individual. (M, 2012) said that Hofstede (1992) notes: The cultural systems are complicated and cannot be described in simple words. It is because we understand our cultures unconsciously and hard to explain it to one another. It might be one of the internal reason that intercultural marriages are not easy to understand. It is because each couple cannot communicate well to know each other’s wants and what each other’s do not their couple want to do the way their cultures grows with them. Every culture has their own uniqueness of something they do in some situation. There is always a different thing in daily life’s tasks and year event’stasks every culture do.

Each couple should talk it out about every task they want to do and what task they hoping their couple to do. As (Pui & Mphil, 2009) said,respect and acceptance are shown by requesting more information or expressing curiosity about each other and contributing positively to establish an intercultural friendship (Chen, Isa, and Sakai, 1996; Collier and Bowker, 1994; Hecht, Larkeyand Johnson, 1992). It has the same page as intercultural marriages. Each couple should have known how to treat their couples right. Each couple should be patient towards one another, take a lesson to give and give not give and take, request something that is not mean to be selfish but a way to get to know each other well,and we need to appreciate more every attempt that each couple’s do. All of that things are also a communication. It is the way we communicate something to reach the goals that we already talk about.

That is why the ability to communicate well is one of the important things in building a relationship. In fact that we have a thousand culture means we need to respect each culture well. Even though there is always an obstacle to jump off, if each couple communicates well, there is no such as differences.

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