Perseverance In The Movie “The Terminal” Movie Analysis

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Have you ever been stuck in an airport for a span of more than a day or weeks because of delayed flight due to a bad weather condition or system malfunction? If you think that you’re already unlucky enough because of that experience, well, you better watch the movie entitled “The Terminal” and conclude how fortunate you are compared to that man named “Victor Navorski.”

In June 18, 2004, an American comedy-drama film entitled “The Terminal” was produced by “Steven Allan Spielberg” an American filmmaker and one of the most popular directorsproducers in film history. He decided to direct this film after successfully finishing his previous film entitled “Catch Me If You Can” for he wanted to make the people laugh and cry, at the same time look for the beauty of what world supposed to be.

This film is about an Eastern European man portrayed by “Tom Hanks” one of the most popular and recognizable film stars worldwide, and is widely regarded as an American cultural icon, who was stuck in New York’s John. F. Kennedy Airport terminal when he is neglected to enter the United States’ soil because his visa has been suspended after his nation’s government falls under military coup. It was moderately inspired by the 18-year stay of an Iranian refugee who lived at Charles DeGaulle Airport from August 1988 to August 2006, when he was taken from the terminal due to an illness who named “Mehran Karimi Nasseri” also known as “The Terminal Man.”

This movie may help the viewers to bring out their resourcefulness behind every circumstances in daily lives they will be facing, that even if they are stuck in a place where they haven’t supposed to be in, they could still discover the world within it and make ways to persevere to have a life in that corner.

There are pros and cons about this movie that’s why I have a mixed evaluation for this masterpiece.

“The Terminal” depicts about an Eastern European man named “Victor Navorski” who planned to visit New York with a purpose of collecting an autograph from the tenor saxophonist Benny Golson , while he’s on his departure to the United States, his country Krakozhia was in the middle of a fiery coup which their government has been murdered by rebel forces.

As he landed in the John F. Kennedy airport, officials told him that his visa has been cancelled and he is not allowed to enter New York until his country was reclassified and visa reissued.

Since he wasn’t competent for some fugitive status or haven’t done any crimes, the airport officials could not let him into New York nor send back home. He had to remain in the international lounge area and was categorized as a man of nowhere until the war at his home is over. He was given vouchers for foods but unfortunately he lost them and moreover he couldn’t fluently speak English language that’s why there’s no one who helped him.

He studied the ambiance of the airport system and find a way on how he could live there, fortunately he did. In his almost a 9-month stay in the airport he made a few friends with that people working in the airport and its staffs. He also managed to find a job inside the airport because of his clever mind and God-given skills. As the days, weeks and months passed by he discovered the compressed world inside the terminal where everything he needs was there, he already seemed living in a micro country.

Most interestingly, he fell in love with Amelia- a flight attendant and making every moment worthy living for with her. He had never notice that he’s quickly making a home revolving in that terminal and socializing with people until the war cools down and he could find his way back home again.

A gem of American film industry’s one of the most successful filmmakers, Steven Spielberg, was the creator of this movie. He actually won major awards for this production, such as: Winner for Excellence in Production Design Award, Winner for BMI Film Music Award, Winner for Hollywood Film Award Casting Director of the Year and many other.

The work was presented subjectively since it was told that it’s just inspired by a true story but not totally based, so the director of this movie had so much imagination to come out a production like this. The aims of this work were to present an insight of no matter where you’re being placed you could still grow there. But it could have been better if the director let the character be informed that he could not step in the United States’ soil because his visa was invalidated, before travelling to New York for he could remain in his country in the first place.

However, it was a brilliant idea making a movie of a man being stuck in an airport, everything happened for a reason indeed. The techniques and styles used in the movie were somewhat an audience-catcher charisma for they could gain a bunch of aftermaths and high quality cameras and editing skills were the media being used. On other hand, it was absolutely effective upon portraying its purpose to the viewers where in fact I was also moved for this movie but there were just some lapses and mistakes that they have done.

It was a great meaningful work where anyone would think that a dumb Victor Navorski in a first impression could pertain talents and good internal being that made him loved by many.
It didn’t affect the validity of the story but it made the story exciting and interesting where we could laugh at and cry at the same time around.

On the other corner, the evidences have unfairly interpreted because the character haven’t got a chance to not totally help himself get along with the people in the terminal because of his poor English communication skills. It was like the movie was bias and didn’t give any consideration to Victor Navorski for he was just new visitor in United States, it somehow attained to show a little bit racism.

Although, it balanced the genre of the movie because of the director’s point of view to make the movie just a well written and no gunfights and murders since we’re so sick about that concept anymore. The terminal itself symbolizes a world that full of challenges for a man to find a way for his survival, that’s why formalistic approach was applied in this movie. Indeed, this movie was unique as no other as it gave us great twist about what should be doing and responding about the world.

Therefore, this movie will be on my favorites from now on for it is truly a unique story that has brilliant twist and turns throughout. It teaches perseverance like no other description I can formulate of. Hard works in spite of disaster, courage without remonstrance, pursuing even if there seems no hope that waits you ahead every end of tunnel and knowing yourself better that makes you more firm to live the life full of scrabbles.

It only shows that even if life gives you thousand reasons to give up you should always remember that there are still million reasons to fight because you are made to create your own world not to doubt yourself in the middle of tragedy. This movie is indeed a good masterpiece by Spielberg that was pricelessly portrayed by Tom Hanks who never ceases to amaze me.

Funny and heartwarming, two words that sums up everything, laugh for a reason and live your life also for a reason. So in general, I will give 5 stars for this movie even if there are still some parts to improve and I recommend this to all of you for it is a perfect movie to watch on your family pastime and movie marathons. You will surely burst into tears and can’t help your stomach be filled with happiness.


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