Netflix’ Show Can Causes Teen Suicide

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13 Reasons Why remains one of the most controversial shows ever produced by Netflix, and with the imminent release of the third season of the show, researchers have focused on the impact of the show on teen suicide.

Despite concerns about whether or not the series was engaging in teen suicide, the study found that viewers watching the final of the second season of the series were less likely to deliberately hurt themselves or think about suicide. than those who did not.

The study was published in the journal Social Science and Medicine and covered 729 adults aged 18 to 29 years. The study was conducted before and after the publication of the second season of the show in May 2018.

‘They were actually better off than if they had not looked at it,’ Dan Romer, co-author of the study and director of research at the University of Annenberg’s Annenberg Public Policy Center, told Philly.com Pennsylvania.

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The study found that people who stopped looking along the way were actually at higher risk of suicide. Romer thought it was because the viewers would miss the end of season 2, in which Clay (Dylan Minnette) had trouble understanding Hannah’s suicide (Katherine Langford) in season 1.

‘This is a message of hope,’ Romer said of the second season. ‘Even if you are plagued by ideas of suicide and guilt, you can go beyond.’

The focus on Hannah’s suicide in the first season has raised many concerns about the impact of the show on younger viewers. Netflix has finally agreed to create a warning video that will be read before the episodes of the cast. The streaming giant has also launched a website called 13ReasonsWhy.info, which provides links to resources such as Crisis Text Line and the National Suicide Prevention Service.

Season 2 was also controversial, as the plot featured Clay considering filming at a school. An episode also included a graphic scene of sexual assault against Devin Druid’s character, Tyler. Despite all these concerns, Netflix has challenged the show for a third season in June 2018.

‘We are committed to telling truthful stories about the things kids do as inflexibly as possible,’ said Season 2 host Brian Yorkey. ‘We understand perfectly well that this means that some of the scenes in the show will be hard to watch, and I think Netflix has provided a lot of resources for viewers to understand that this show may not be suitable for everyone, but also for those who do it, look at it and be troubled and need help. ‘

Yorkey added, ‘When we talk about something that is’ disgusting ‘or hard to look at, it often means that we are shaming the experience, which is why these attacks are underreported. the victims have trouble asking for help, we think talking is much better than silence. ‘

Romer’s suggestion to Netflix is ​​to make the show less graphic, making it more accessible to viewers who might feel the positive effects of the show. He also pointed out that the warning video released last year had actually increased interest in the program and viewers who had participated in his study had said they were more likely to help those considering suicide.

‘They left with a better understanding of the dangerousness of the acts of mutual abuse,’ Romer told Philly.com.

Romer also pointed out that the study only followed viewers for a month after the first broadcast of season 2; it does not provide a long-term view of the impact of the program.

‘These broadcasts are complicated and their effects on people are different for different people,’ he told Philly.com. ‘That’s why it’s very difficult to predict or give advice on who should or should not look at something like this.’


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