Nature Versus Nurture: What Determines a Personality

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The Nurture versus Nature debate is one of the oldest in both psychology and sociology. The argument focuses on the contributions of environmental factors and genetic inheritance to human development (Cherry). The Nature of one’s personality and being has to do with genes, hereditary factors, physical appearance, and personality characteristics. Genetic traits are handed down from your parents and tend to influence the individual differences that make you unique. The impact Nurture can have on someone has to do with environmental variables, childhood experiences, how we are raised, social relationships, and surrounding culture (Cherry).

Some nature characteristics that define me would be my stubbornness and my work ethic, that I get from my mother, and my singing voice, that I definitely get from my father. Over the years I have noticed that I am becoming more and more like my parents without even realising it. I’d like to start off by saying my stubbornness is really a staple in my personality. Ever since I was younger, my older brothers deemed me to be the “Most stubborn person on the planet”. I do not think that it’s necessarily a learned behavior because it just seems to come naturally to me, and over the years I have noticed my mom exhibiting the same behavior. Also, I am often told by my father, that I am “Just like my mother” whenever I cop an attitude. But I would consider my mother my best friend so that’s not really an insult.

My work ethic is something that I am fairly proud of, and I am also sure I inherited it from my mother as well. I am always known to go above and beyond what is asked of me and I always keep a clean workspace and try to stay as organized as possible. And if there’s one thing I do know about my mother, it is that if things are out of order or if the house is a mess we are surely in for a rude awakening. I would consider this a nature trait because I was never taught to do these kind of things, they always just came naturally to me. On a different note, I get my singing voice from my father. When he was younger, years before he had me, my father used to be in a band called Change of Pace, he was the lead singer of the group. Now when he had me, the band was long gone and one of the members even moved to Georgia.

While growing up I was very musical and my dad would always tell me that I was just like him when he was younger, he still does. I was always singing so my dad would take me out to the American Legion to sing karaoke. Just this year the band is getting back together because everyone is back in Connecticut. I would consider this a nature trait because I had never heard my dad sing before, I’ve heard my mother try to sing and that’s why I know I get if from my father. Also, my aunts and uncles always told me that I got my voice from my dad, and now that I’m able to listen to him and watch them practice I see it too.

Some Nurture characteristics about myself would be my music taste and my maturity level that I get from both of my parents, my tomboyish personality that I get from my older brothers, and last but not least not wanting to be touched. Ever since I was younger, I would find myself listening to 60s and 70s rock music, and over the years I have morphed into quite the flower child.

That I owe utterly and completely to my parents. Ever since I was born, I was listening to the Grateful Dead, The Band, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and tons of other greats. Because of this, I was always considered older and more mature than other kids my age, and I was often brought to places where there were a lot of adults. But now that my dad is back in a band, I’m the roadie/manager for them, so I have to be pretty mature to take on that responsibility. Now I could say that I get my tomboyish personality from my dad, but I have to owe it to my brothers. My brothers are four and six years older than me. Ever since I was younger, I would hang out with them and their friends because I always thought they were super cool. I never had any girly influence on my life until I started making my own girlfriends in school.

Therefore, while growing up I partook in a bunch of different sports like football, basketball, skateboarding, BMX bike riding, and baseball. I was also really into video games Like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, and that I could also thank my brother’s for. Last but not least, this nurture trait I get from my dad, and I didn’t even realize I did it until early this year. I really don’t like to be touched and whenever someone goes to touch me, I tend to flinch or back away from the person. I never mean it in a mean or malicious way, but it’s just a weird quirk that I’ve noticed me and my dad both do.

Overall nature and nurture is very important to the development of one’s personality and being. Both types of traits build evenly off each other to form who you are. I would say that the type of trait that has an impacted my personality most, is Nurture. Of course Nature has a big impact too, but for me my personality and the things that I like and how I portray myself really is rooted in the nurture side of things. Being that I am around adults more often and that I was raised almost like I was in a different time really had an impact on my personality. I had different influences on my life compared to many kids that I know, and I truly owe who I am to those certain influences and I’m very proud of who I am today.


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