My Unsuccessful Experience in a Soccer

  • Updated October 13, 2020
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It all happened when I was eight years old, we were playing soccer after a tough day of school, there were kids from all ages; ten, twelve, and fourteen, we made teams and the captain of my team decided that I was going to be keeper which really didn’t make any sense because I was eight years old and I wasn’t very tall. The game and my friend’s brother who was six years older than me at the time took a shot at the goal where I was, I tried to save the ball but it was so strong that it hit my arm instead of my hand.

In a matter of seconds, I started to feel all the pain through my arm, I remember I started running as fast as I could to where my dad was, I tried to tell him about what had happened but I couldn’t, my dad realized something was wrong with my right arm because I was holding it with my left hand. Then I was taken home and was given a bag of ice to put it under my arm while my dad called my grandma who used to be a doctor to come to check if my arm was right. When she arrived she told my dad that it looked like my arm was a bit swollen and that I had to go to the hospital to do some x-rays on my arm to see if there was anything wrong.

We arrived at the hospital at about eleven p.m, we waited there for over an hour there and when they called my name this very young women came out, after checking out the x-rays she then concluded that I didn’t have any serious condition. I wasn’t very sure that I had was not “very serious” because my arm kept hurting and it wasn’t going away.

Two weeks later we received a call from the hospital and they told us that I indeed was injured and I had broken my radius. The next day my mom took me to the hospital again where we waited a long time and where I got a cast. This cast was horrible, it didn’t let me do anything for six weeks made me unable to play any sport or which wasn’t fine with me because whenever my friends were having fun all I could do was stand there and watch them. I had to start thinking about different alternatives to spend my free time, my options were very limited, the one thing the doctor recommended me was to play with my Xbox which was okay with me but I ended up getting tired of it.

This event made me more grateful for what I have because at any given moment I can lose what I take for granted.

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