My Main Life Goal

Updated May 12, 2021

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My Main Life Goal essay

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When you ask people what their main goal or priority in life is, they usually reply by saying getting a good, well-deserved job that makes them happy. To get a job, you have to graduate college. To get into college, you have to graduate high school. After graduating out of high school, there are two paths you can take when you’re heading off to college, the two- year community college path or the four year university, CSU, or UC path. I’ve chosen the two-year path to achieve my life goal.

My career will define me as an adult, so getting the best education possible is my greatest priority as a student. I want to become a doctor and get my Master’s Degree in Medical Sciences, and this goal leads up to it.

To get into Sierra College, the community college I’ll be attending for two years to get my Associate’s Degree, I would require a GED (General Educational Development), a high school diploma, or a high school proficiency exam (you have to have passed the exam). Sierra’s age limit is over 18. To get my high school diploma, I need to pass all of my classes throughout my four years at Whitney High School.

Whitney requires four years of Language Arts, four years of Social Studies, three years of Mathematics, three years of Science, three years of P.E. (Physical Education), one year of Applied Science (Technology), one year of VAPA (Visual And Performing Arts), one year of World Language, half a year of Health, and 50 credits worth of Electives (each class is worth 10 credits) to graduate.

So far, I am going to have completed a year of language arts, science, mathematics, VAPA, P.E., Health, Social Studies, world language, and a half of a year of Applied Science by the end of Freshman year. A two-year college path is where you would go to a community college for two years since the first two years of college are general education. Going on the two-year path saves your money, as you are going to a community college near your home to receive the same general education you would get at a four year university.

After two years, you would graduate with an Associate’s Degree, and then you would transfer to a UC, CSU, or university to complete my college majors. My plan would be transferring to UCLA to complete my bachelor’s degree in Medical Biology, depending on if I get accepted. After graduating from UCLA with a major in Medical Biology , I would have to go to Medical school. To finish my four years of medical school, I would like to attend Johns Hopkins University.

Johns Hopkins is the second best medical college in the world next to Harvard because of its extraordinary medical program and professors. After finishing medical school, I would then need to complete residency training. Residency training is required to practice as a physician in the United States, and is a stage of graduate medical training. You work at clinics and hospitals under a supervised physician. Emora University offers residency training, so after four years at Emora, I will finally reach my goal and get the career I’ve dreamed of and always wanted.

All the hard work that I’ve done up till now will pay off when I reach the end of this goal. Taking advanced classes at Whitney High School, researching and reading out biology and anatomy, and using resources will all support me as I’m achieving my goal. I have good grades, and I almost get 100% on my subjects for all the SBAC state testing I’ve done so far. I also went to a STEM camp to UC Davis over the summer last year, and that week camp for only girls was all about STEM.

To get accepted into the camp, my middle school counselor recommended me and three other girls from our school. We then had to write an essay explaining our dream career in STEM, and at the end, girls whose essays got approved had to get interviewed. Only 10 girls from each district got accepted, and I was one of them. Even though my goal is a long-term goal and has many short-term goals involved in it, I’m steadily moving towards it.

I may need to pick it up at times, but I’m on track. This goal is my future. There’s a lot of steps, training, hard work, stress, and determination involved but I’m doing what I can now with all my best. The process is a long and persistence plays the key role in my goal. Day after day, year after year, and goal after goal will all make up to my number one priority in life– graduate out of one of the most advanced medical colleges and achieve my dream of becoming a doctor.

My Main Life Goal essay

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