Maya Angelou’s Poem “​On the Pulse of Morning”

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​On the pulse of Morning by Maya Angelou is a piece of literature intended to speak about the way people before us have created a place that we now live on, use and take for granted. Our ancestors planted the trees that give us oxygen and life and we do not give them a second glance. As people of today, we have a responsibility to appreciate and take care of the Earth we live on.

We are so worried about other things like materials and opinions that we don’t realize that we are destroying the planet that keeps us alive. Basic needs back then were very different from what they are now. Food, shelter, and water were the main concerns of our ancestors. Now we are being blindsided by the want to live and not just survive. “Your armed struggles for profit, Have left collars of waste upon, My shore, currents of debris upon my breast.” This piece from the poem tells the audience that the waste we produce that is not necessary is being put into the ocean and polluting a water and life source.

The animals in the ocean are dying and we are not seeing the problem because we make so much trash and waste that there is nowhere else to dispose of it all. Nature has given us these amazing resources and we are choosing to pick wants over needs. We need to keep the oceans alive for food and for one of the biggest transportation systems that help us sell and transfer goods. ”Left me to the employment of, Other seekers –– desperate for gain, Starving for gold.”

This statement from the poem tells us that we are deserting the things that were given to us and caring more about riches and fame. We will try so hard to make money and be the best but do not worry about keeping the earth clean and useable. Another piece of literature explaining our problems and issues is One Today by Richard Blanco. “-or the impossible vocabulary of sorrow that won’t explain the empty desks of twenty children marked absent today, and forever.”

This sentence from the poem is trying to say that back then children did not have the sophisticated schools and amenities that we have now and they cared about and wanted to learn. Nowadays, kids do not care about getting an education, they want to have fun and worry about other things than school. If people back then saw how kids acted in school today, they would be confused and disappointed of how we take for granted what they did not have.

Technology has been a big part of the 20th and 21rst century, and most kids have some kind of technology for communication, or for entertainment. These devices have only decreased our want for school and we focus more on our phones then we should. Technology is one of the 20th and 21rst century’s biggest advances and it does a lot of good for us, but it turns the new generations into social media robots and makes us loose interest in what we should be caring about.

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