Love and Relationship in a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Updated April 30, 2021

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Love and Relationship in a Midsummer Night’s Dream essay

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In a Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, there were many romantic relationships throughout the story. At some point the relationships got all tangled up and people were loving other people by a poison that someone set on their eyes. This essay will show all about the relationships of other people and what true love is and is not.

Theseus, who is duke of Athens, is preparing for a festival to mark the marriage of Hippolyta in four days. Egeus has agreed to let Demetrius marry Hermia, but Hermia is in love with Lysander, who also wants to marry her. The rule states that she must follow her father’s wishes ot he could have her killed. Theseus thinks that girls should follow the fathers wishes. He gave her until the day of his wedding to choose to marry Demetrius or choose to die.

Lysander reaches out to Theseus and tells him that Helena is in love with Demetrius and wants a marriage with him. Lysander told Hermia that he had an aunt who would allow them to stay there together. They decided to meet in the woods the next day to leave so they could get married. Hermia is tired of Helena’s complaining when she does not even want to marry Demetrius.

She informed Helena about their secret plan so when they leave she can marry Demetrius. Helena told Demetrius because she thought he would love her seeing that Hermia chose Lysander. Some tradesmen of Athens are planning a play that they want to be able to perform at Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding. Quince has written it and it is based on a story Pyramus and Thisbe whose families try to maintain them apart, but tragically die.

They were going to meet in the woods for a practice session on the following night. Robin Goodfellow(Puck), meets with a pixie who serves Queen Titania. She reveals to him that Titania is going to the woods outside of Athens that night. Puck educates the Pixie that would be better is Titania and his lord, Oberon, did not meet since they possibly fight when they do as such. Seconds after the fact both Oberon and Titania show up in front of an audience, both join by their separate pixie adherents. Promptly they start a contention, with them two blaming each other for jealousy.

Titania has taken a little boy whom she keeps with her and invests her energy thinking about. Oberon, jealous of the little boy requests that Titania give the kid to him, a solicitation she will not. Titania leaves and Puck wants revenge for embarrassment so he decides to get pansies ( poison for someone you love so that they will love you whenever they wake up), but he wants to put it in her eyes so she will fall in love with an animal. Demetrius and Helena show up to the woods close to where Oberon is covered up.

Demetrius tells Helena to leave, and that he does not adore her despite the fact that she informed him about Hermia and Lysander. She said she would chase him down if he leaves her there in the woods by herself. Oberon heard their whole conversation and decided to make Demetrius fall in love with Helena. Titania wanted to go dance in the woods with her fairies and then go to sleep. Oberon thought this was a good opportunity to poison her eyelids. He saw that Lysander and Helena were apart from each other and decides to put drops on Lysander’s eyes. Helena sees Lysander on the ground, so she decides to wake him up.

He told her how much he loved her, and she thought he was joking. The artisans and rustics went into the woods to discuss the play. Bottom is afraid that the suicide part might seem too rela and scare the women. They discussed it and decides to write a prologue. Snout decides that his part will cause the same problem, so they are writing another prologue. They start rehearsing their play and Puck is listening in the woods. The Puck goes on stage with Bottom dressed like an ass and he was wondering why they ran away from him.

Titania wakes up and sees Bottom dressed like that and immediately falls in love. Hermia thinks that Demetrius killed Lysander. Helena thinks he is joking with love and his actions. Demetrius falls for Helena too. Hermia overheard him telling Helena and was shocked by what he was saying. Demetrius and Lysander seemed to fight more intensely. Oberon is mad with what happened and told Puck to separate them. Robin leads both men until they fall asleep and puts the love potion on their eyes so they could fall in love with the right one. Bottom and Titania enter the stage followed by her fairies. Bottom told the fairies to scratch his head and he was hungry.

Titania ordered them to get him some food. Oberon tells the Puck that it is time to remove the spell. He told Robin to change Bottom first and Oberon helped her off the ground telling her they will dance. In the morning they are celebrating the May morning with hunting hounds to prepare for ceremony. They tell Theseus what they remembered while Lysander is in love with Hermia and Demetrius is in love with Helena. Theseus decided to have all three marriages in Athens. Bottom wakes up and found out everyone left him. He eventually leaves for Athens after he found out they left. The artisans are going over that they missed their chance to perform Pyramus and Thisbe at the wedding. Bottom arrives and tells them there is till time to do it.

Theseus and Hippolyta were in the palace and the guests were waiting for some kind of entertainment. Theseus finally settles for ‘A tedious brief scene of young Pyramus and his love Thisbe: very tragical mirth.’ Egeus tells him that they have no talent, but Theseus wants to watch them perform this. Quince sends them the prologue which reverses the meaning of the actual phrases. The play is performed with a lot of errors. Theseus defends the play, but Hippolyta said it was “silly”. Bottom and Flute were supposed to be dead, but they stand up and say they can perform and epilogue. Theseus stands up and says they do not need one. Pucks epilogue begs for their forgiveness.

All of these relationships were successful and unsuccessful in a way. Theseus and Hippolyta are a successful relationship. These successful attempts suggest that love is real, and everyone can find it. These two did not have much lust between them, but they loved each other. To Hippolyta and Theseus, the whole marriage thing was worth it. Titania and Bottom were an unsuccessful relationship because Oberon just wanted to get back at Titania, so he put the love potion on her eyes to make her wake up to Bottom. These unsuccessful attempts suggest that the love was fake.

The marriage between these two were never going to happen because it was fake. The lust was also fake, and he was not showing her any kind of attention like she was showing him. Oberon and Titania had a successful relationship because it was real love. These successful attempts show that the love they have is real and will not change. Their marriage will be successful as well. They had lust for other people because it was an open relationship. Lysander and Helena is an unsuccessful relationship because the fairy was trying to make Demetrius and Helena fall in love. The fairy tried to fix it and make Demetrius fall in love too, but that caused problems with Lysander.

These unsuccessful attempts suggest that the love was not real and was never going to be real between them two. The lust was also fake since they were not meant to be with each other because they did not love each other. The marriage was not going to happen between the two also. Lysander and Hermia are a successful relationship because they loved each other from the beginning. These successful attempts show that love was great between them two. They had lust with each other. The marriage will definitely work out for them two. Demetrius and Hermia were an unsuccessful relationship because she did not love him, she loved Lysander.

The love between the two was fake. There was no lust between each other. If they did get married it would not have worked out. Demetrius and Helena are a successful relationship because she always liked him and with the potion he loves her too. The connection between the two is there and they love each other so it will work out. There is some lust there between them because if two people were not in love and there was no lust there would be something wrong. The marriage will work out for them also.

This story was all about romantic relationships and how they were tangled. This story shows you both types of relationships, the ones that work out and the ones that do not. It helps me better understand how Shakespeare writes and how true love is.

Love and Relationship in a Midsummer Night’s Dream essay

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