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Society in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens’, A Christmas Carol is an allegorical tale that functions to educate Dickens’ society. His novella explores how the people living in poverty were disregarded by the wealthy, first class citizens. Furthermore, Dickens highlights how kindness and virtuousness can be used to overcome difficulty and hardship. However, regardless of the apparent allegories, Dickens’ story…

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A Christmas Carol: Importance of Family

Starting with extract, how does Dickens present the important of family? In ‘A Christmas Carol’ Dickens illustrates the significance of family. From Scrooge’s own family ,a dysfuncational family that possible moulded Scrooge to become the man we see at the beginning of the play, to the Cratchits ,a paragon for the ideal Victorian family despite…

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Importance Of Family Relationships

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Personal Growth And Moral Development In “Great Expectation”

The great expectation is a novel written by Charles Dickens in 1860. It is a “Bildungsroman” novel, which is a novel of development that depicts the personal growth and moral development of an orphan named Pip. Joe and Magwitch are two father figures who contribute to Pip’s moral development and his transition into a gentleman….

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Moral Development,

Personal Growth

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