John Milton and His “Paradise Lost”

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The following will encompass information in regards to John Milton. He proved to be a influential writer during the Neoclassical era. Among some of the topics that will be expanded on will be: “characteristics of the” Neoclassical era, his life and education, and influences and contributions such as poems and translations.

“Neoclassical literature was written between 1660 and 1798,” which Milton contributed to grateley. The following forms of Neoclassical writing can be found: “Parody, Essays, Satire, Letters, Fables, Melodrama, and rhyming with couplets” (Study.com). In Neoclassical era writings, authors imitated classic works, used nature as an influence in their writing, invented new words, and made their text very complex. The Neoclassical era brought a sense of stability to writers being able to express themselves.

He was one of the most influential authors in the Neoclassical era. He became renowned for his piece Paradise Lost and garnered the title of “epic of heroic couplets.” After having Paradise Lost praised, his reputation admirable in the writing community. Later his reputation changed to him being the forefather of the sensitivities and sensibilities genre.

Milton was born on December 9, 1608, in London, England, and he died November 8, 1674. Milton enrolled into Cambridge University in 1625, to study ministry, but was expelled a year later for having due to a conflict with his tutor. He was later re-instituted under another tutor and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree of Art then later earned his Master’s Degree in Art. After college, he traveled the continent for fifteen months.

After returning to Europe, Milton learned that he had a remarkable talent in poetry and writing. He occasionally wrote poems, but none of them really gained a lot of popularity. After Shakespeare released a play in 1630, Milton later said that Shakespeare one his biggest influences. Milton’s early poems were controversial because of his views of the church and the government. After these controversies, Milton married three times in a six year period to Elizabeth Mynshull, Mary Powell, and Katherine Woodcock.

Milton embodied the Neoclassical characteristics by writing his pieces using complex writing techniques and newly found words. His most widely known use of complex writing is using the fours types of ambiguity. His most popular example is in Paradise Lost when he uses Satan and God in a contextual way of God using Satan for people who are unjust. He is also known for words he has coined such as: “lovelorn, pandemonium, unoriginal, earthshaking, space, enjoyable, fragrance, sensuous, debauchery, terrific, and goosery” (Huffingtonpost.com).

Milton wrote over 115 poems and around seven novels, but Paradise Lost published into twelve books in 1674. Paradise Lost is his most famous literary work which wasn’t like any other epic of its time due to the biblical use it is based on three subjects: love, war, and heroism. He alluded many times to the Bible throughout the story to provide credibility to information used in the book. Paradise Lost is about how Adam and Eve came to be in the Garden of Eden and how they fell to temptation therefore losing their place and unleashing sin into the world.

Milton classified his poetry as work from his “left hand” and used his poetry as a way of addressing political and religious issues. He is renowned for his work in poetry but he was more appreciative towards his books. He used his poetry to promote enlightenment and equality of the people. Milton’s work varied from most Neoclassical era literary works making him an outlier of his time.

Milton proved to be a literary genius of his time that thought outside the box providing the fame and reputation he has today. It took Miltons pieces hundreds of years to gain popularity and are now some of the world’s most renowned pieces. Milton’s works in the 21st century are used by scholars to show that marriage is a voluntary act and should not be forced upon anyone; Milton preceded everyone in his time in both his ideas and morals. To conclude, Milton is a literary genius who passed his works on controversial ideas which set him apart from all authors of his time.

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