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Main Themes of King Lear

The play King Lear by the great writer Shakespeare is a masterpiece like all of the rest of his plays. It is known as one of the greatest tragedies. Every play contains elements or themes which the writer subtly tries to explain to the audience. King Lear successfully highlights some very important themes and motifs…

King Lear,


William Shakespeare

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Sympathetic Characters in King Lear

A sympathetic character in literature is someone whom the writer portrays as able to identify with and care about others. In William Shakespeare’s play, King Lear, sympathy is a theme shown through the character development of King Lear and Gloucester. Lear is the King of Britain who is accustomed to absolute power and constant flattery…


King Lear

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Literature Analysis of “King Lear” by William Shakespeare

This play was first performed in court in 1605, but it was written not before 1603, shortly after Othello and after Macbeth. This tragedy was written in Shakespeare’s dark period, influenced by the deaths of his parents, his son and Queen Elizabeth. We can find two parallel plots. The main plot talks about King Lear’s…

King Lear,


William Shakespeare

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Theme of Justice in King Lear

From great writers such as Sophocles, Homer, Dante, and many more. It can be said that great stories already exist and that all modern writers can do is to rewrite these stories by changing the setting. As the motivations, fears, strengths and emotions that human beings face does not changed. William Shakespeare’s King Lear is…

King Lear,


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A Deep Analysis of “King Lear” by William Shakespeare

Probably, known as one of the best masterpieces of Shakespeare was “King Lear” which takes Its title from the protagonist character Lear, the king of Britain, then. Who handled novel themes and motifs related to the human nature, Shakespeare was, in a way, the first to touch of the devastating and ambitious sides of mankind…

King Lear,

William Shakespeare

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 Family, Power and Deception in King Lear

You can only see a persons true colours when they no long become beneficial to your life. William Shakespeare’s King Lear introduces the true meaning of corruption, the greed for power and the true pure meaning of love. We learn that the fatal flaw of these characters is due to their own stubborn and blind…

King Lear,


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King Lear by William Shakespeare

In King Lear, Shakespeare proves the hypothesis of an indifferent universe in which human life is meaningless and brutal with the motif of eyesight and blindness. In the beginning of the novel, King Lear asks his daughters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia to express their love for him using their words. While Goneril and Regan do…

King Lear,

William Shakespeare

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The Differences of Violence and Sexuality Women’s Role in King Lear

In this essay I shall evaluate the Edward Bond’s Lear in terms of ‘’theatre of cruelty’’ by comparing the play with Bond’s other play, Saved. I will begin by taking a closer look at ‘’theatre of cruelty’’ which shows us the lovelessness, and lack of communication and lack of morality of the people in that…

King Lear,


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Fate of King Lear, Gloucester and Oswald

The tragic errors that King Lear, Gloucester and Oswald made in misjudging people show a lack of insight into the true character of those around them, ultimately resulting in their own downfall. King Lear is an old man and cannot handle the full responsibility of being a king at his age. He decides to divide…

King Lear,


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Cruelty and Justice in Shakespeare’s King Lear

The word justice as we know it was first coined in 15th Century France as the “quality of being fair and just.” This word has come to equate to righteousness and equity– in other words, getting what one deserves. As much as it is expected that good things should happen to good people and bad…

King Lear,


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William Shakespeare






England XI сentury


Lear, Earl of Gloucester, Earl of Kent, Fool, Edgar, Edmund, Goneril, Regan, Cordelia, Duke of Albany, Duke of Cornwall, Gentleman, Oswald, King of France, Duke of Burgundy, Old man, Curan


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