Is the Bible God’s Word or A Book of Fables?

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Over the years many have found hope and inspiration from The Holy Bible. 2 billion people on the Earth are known or at least claim to be Christians. That is about 2/7 of the entire human population so many believe this to be true. The principle of the Christian faith is the bible and the fact that Jesus died and rose three days after to give us all a chance at eternal life. However, in the last couple of decades there has been some controversy on whether the bible is truly God’s word or just another book of ancient fables that never happened. Even those who have followed the Christian faith for years are now rethinking everything they have ever known.

Many are beginning to believe that the bible completely has no value to this present time. Shepherds, sheep’s, prophets, kings, queens, disciples, miracles. It is getting harder for some to believe that the bible can be true to us right now. Personally, I believe that the bible is God’s word as I am a Christian. I believe that not only the Bible is true, but I also believe that it is a living word that still applies to us and can be used even today. Even though it was written so long ago, if you have faith that those words can still come to pass today, I believe that they will.

Another controversial topic about the bible is the God of the Old Testament. If you have any knowledge about the bible you know that the God of the old testament was all about justice and glory and he went through any means necessary to see it be fulfilled. People that believe that the bible is a fable use this to say that the God of the bible was cruel and questioned how can someone so cruel offer eternal life. They cannot believe that God is as loving as the New Testament paints him out to be. Although many take that as a negative and I disagree while looking at it as a positive attribute of God.

It is questioning at first but when you realize God’s reasoning for being so “cruel” it was all out of a deep love for those that believed and trusted in the word of God and his power. For example, when Noah was building the ark to prepare for the first storm recorded in the bible, people mocked him not only for being a man of God but for also believing that God told him to build a boat that was 510 feet long. God indeed did save Noah but all those who mocked him did not survive the storm. I believe that God’s sovereignty and power was on display, not that he was being cruel just to be cruel.

From a sociological aspect, we are all influenced by what is happening and who is around us. The Symbolic Interaction Approach is a theory that states that we are a result of our interactions that we have with people daily, whether it is one-on-one or groups. The main reason why people either think that the bible is God’s word is a fable has a lot to do with this theory.

For example, if someone grows up in a household where both parents are atheist and believe in neither God nor the bible. Likely that child will grow up believing it as well because it is what has been nurtured to them. However, this can change as they become older once they encounter people other than their parents like friends at school and later at the workplace and possibly at a church.

The last argument I would like to bring up is that a reason why people do not believe what the bible says is because as Christians cannot agree on what the scripture may be saying. Sadly, it is true, there are lots of false interpretations of the word. So many that it gets confusing to know which is true and makes you question whether what you know is the truth. What they do not understand is that just because some lack understanding does not mean that God’s word in whole is canceled out. What God may reveal to some he will reveal to all, he will not give someone else a word that came from the Christian bible and not have all his children receive it.

In conclusion, although there are many speculations about the authenticity of God’s word, more than what would fit in this essay. I believe that it is indeed his word and that if we live by it, we will reap the rewards that are promised to us. His word is living and even though I did grow up in a faith based household I do not only believe because of what I’ve been taught but it does play such a huge role into why I believe what I do.


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The Bible is the written word of God. It is a collection of 66 books, written by 40 different authors, over a period of 1500 years.
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The Old Testament is not a fable. It is a book that tells the history of the Jewish people.
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