Information about Mental Illness

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For this journal assignment I choose Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder some of the symptoms of this are delusions, hallucinations, agitation, lack of emotional expression, inappropriate reactions, and more (Chiara S. Haller, 2014). Over 3 million people are diagnosed every year in the U.S. (Chiara S. Haller, 2014).

It is most common at ages 18 to 35 and more common in males than females and family history can increase the likely hood (Chiara S. Haller, 2014).
Schizophrenia shortens lifespan and causes chronic relapsing, remitting disorder that display impairments in vocational and social functioning (Chiara S. Haller, 2014).

Antipsychotic drugs are the most common treatments for schizophrenia. Trying to decrease the severity of symptoms to improve their focus. The use of certain antipsychotic drugs means that the patient would need to have periodic monitoring to check their blood cell counts (Chiara S. Haller, 2014).

Most physicians prescribe clozapine as it seems to be more effective than any other antipsychotic medication (Chiara S. Haller, 2014) (Chiara S. Haller, 2014). There are different ways of treatment as a patient that may be bad at taking there medication daily there are alternatives. Antipsychotics can be given as a long-acting injectable where a patient would need to visit there physician often to get their medication (Chiara S. Haller, 2014).

Studies show that Cognitive Behavioral therapy can help with positive symptoms but is on useful for a short time (Chiara S. Haller, 2014). Then there’s Cognitive remediation therapy this is a computer-based intervention and was used to help their memory and attention (Chiara S. Haller, 2014). Family therapy helps families see early signs that are important to help them detect the high vulnerability to stress (Chiara S. Haller, 2014).

So, with schizophrenia it is said to pick the right treatment for the patient. The diagnose of schizophrenia is symptom based and data shows genetics, neurobiological overlaps, psychotic, affective, and developmental disorders need to be shown in an evidence -based practice (Chiara S. Haller, 2014).


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