Influence of Fairy Tales on Literature Analytical Essay

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This essay aims to compare three literary works, which the stories demonstrate how social classes interact. The justice that is restored at the end of the tale helps to furnish a solution to the problem of social class relations. Just as struggles can be seen in ‘’Zumrad and Qimmat’’, the struggle for justice and equity is visible in tales such as ‘’Морозка’’ and ‘’Mother Holle’’, the subject of these stories, also demonstrate aspects of fairness and duty, as I will explain in Main Paragraph.

Uzbek folklore is one of the main sources of information about the nation. It has a rich genre structure, simple and wide composition, an ordinary subject and romantic, social and at the same time patriotic idea. There are many interesting subjects and ideas in tales that give the imagination about Uzbeks history, culture, art and lifestyle to the reader.’’Zumrad and Qimmat’’ I one of the greatest example of Uzbek fairy tale genre. As the story opens, we see the girls’ relationship to the mother figure.

The heroine has a difficult relationship with her stepmother. This relationship is rather typical, according. The mother acquires her negative character traits by favoring her own daughter who does not conform to either the socially accepted ideal of physical beauty nor behavior for a young woman-over her step daughter. The mother mistreats the heroine, who has only ‘good’ qualities; the kind girl is accommodating, dutiful and angelic.

The fact that the mother is unjust in the way that she treats her stepdaughter versus how helpful she is to her own daughter is a sign of her wickedness, because the lazy daughter does not deserve help. The unequal treatment of the two girls by the mother figure in the story is seen by the reader as unjust, and will not be righted until ‘’Zumrad and Qimmat’’ intervenes to fill the role of a proper mother: one who judges the daughters only after evidence of character, thus making the tale an example of the popular theme of justice versus injustice.

No discussion of fairy tales can be complete without referring to the most famous duo in history, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The Grimm brothers, who published the Kinder- und HausMarchen [‘’KHM’ in 1812], are widely accepted as the ‘founders of the science of folklore’. In addition to the work that the Grimm brothers did together, each of them also pursued separate interests.

Jacob is remembered as one of the founders of historical linguistics and the science of Germanic philology through his studies in the field of linguistics and his extensive work on Germanic grammar. ‘’ Mother Holle’’ is a fairy tale included by the Grimm brothers in their KHM. In this collection, this tale appears as number 24.

The critical aspect of this tale is the contrast between the two girls. The tale can be divided into two parts: the actions of the kind girl and the actions of the unkind girl. What starts the movement of the story is the separation event in which the heroine leaves home. This happens when she jumps into the well to retrieve her spindle. By jumping into the well, the heroine begins her journey.

The second phase, the initiation, is the heroine’s tests before she reaches Mother Holle’s house. The heroine first encounters an oven and then an apple tree which asks for her help and she willingly obliges. The next test is arguably the most important one, which is the ‘heroine’s performance of various tasks’ for Mother Holle. The final stage of the heroine’s journey (the return event-as she prepares to return to society) concerns the reward given to her for the completion of her tasks, and her return home. Once the heroine expresses her desire to return home, Mother Holle is pleased that she wants to do so.

Mother Holle tells the girl that she will take her home herself. Then as the heroine is standing under the gate, Mother Holle showers her in gold as her reward for being so diligent. The second half of the story is the heroine’s stepsister’s journey to duplicate her accomplishments. The stepsister serves as the antagonist. ‘It follows a pattern of matching episodes: the heroine’s departure, encounters, tasks and reward episodes of the first half are duplicated by the antagonist’s,’ making a whole.

The stepsister follows the path that the protagonist did, however she does not comply with the requests for help from the oven or apple tree. Key elements of a successful tale include an ability both to entertain and to provide an example of life’s lessons. Mother Holle contrasts obedience and diligence with disobedience and laziness and kindness and unkindness, with each girl exemplifying one of the two extremes. This dual aspect of bad and good allows the tale to thrive and to continue to be relevant today.

To sum up, fairy tales played the main function for the development of cultural art form which we call now literature. The reason of it is that growing with oral folk tales inspired people to write artistic works in literature. While writing this essay I came across the ideas that childhood memories of fairy tales led many literature members to write wonderful literary works. I can say that fairy tales are more than we know. Every nation is rich in their own folktales which more often remain some similarities and parallel lines of different nation’s fairy tales.

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