Importance of Perspective

Updated November 17, 2021

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Importance of Perspective essay

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Perspective is everything. Our lives are dictated by our understanding of the world around us. Our understanding of the world around us, from my perspective, seems to be the combination of what we’ve learned through the opportunities afforded to us, what we’ve experienced through those opportunities, and how we’ve perceived those experiences based upon our genetics (I say genetics with the meaning- our ability to take in new information from the previous two items and how we process it based upon the emotions/memories that are triggered from the synapses that fire from that outside stimuli).

Social interaction comes from filling our need to convey our perspective to others. We set goals as far as developing societal progress based upon these perspectives. But human nature is selfish at its core because of natural survival instinct. Because of our perspective we are motivated to behave and convey information in a way that would be beneficial to our survival. This equates to lies of omission in the best of people and straight up lies and manipulation within the worst of us. But then using best and worst in that example is my perspective based upon my understanding of behavior that is normal by societal standards. We all manipulate the truth of our perspective to benefit ourselves(whether knowingly or unknowingly).

Morality is the level of effect that manipulation has upon others. By trying to behave in a way that is morally good, we try to behave in a way that positively affects others. Morally neutral is avoiding negatively affecting others but not necessarily acting in a way that has a positive effect either. And morally bad/evil is consciously deciding to manipulate the truth of your perspective with the intent to negatively affect others. Again this is a viewpoint that is based upon my perspective of societal rules and standards. I believe honesty is at the root of the progression of human behavior.

We are all trying to figure out our place in the world and figure out the “answer” but what if there is no right answer or right perspective. What if there is only a wrong answer, and that is thinking you have found the right answer. As soon as your mind is made up about how the world is, it’s the moment you stop growing as a person. When you stop growing as a person, you’re essentially lying to yourself that you have found the answer. Espousing your perspective through emotions causes embellishment, omission, embarrassment, hubris, and various other emotions that are basis of misinterpretation. We all perceive emotions differently and process emotions differently because of our unique perspective.

This opens up misinterpretations of our different perspectives of our social interactions. Especially through lies of omission. If you omit information that your basing your perspective on, people will interpret that omission and the motivation behind it in a way that fits with their moral outlook of the world (morally good/neutral/evil). I believe the basis of conflict comes from the misinterpretation of these absences of data that occur when somebody is trying to manipulate others perception of themselves.

If you leave things out or alter things about your perception of reality, many will believe that the motivation behind that for omission will be selfish to either look better or control others unless there is already an establishment of trust. We don’t immediately assume lack of understanding, inability to properly convey information, or the fear that what the person is saying is trying to not offend; we assume selfishness.

Importance of Perspective essay

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