Importance of Early Diagnosis in Treatment of Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancer that there is. It can affect anyone either females or males. There is no specific age at which breast cancer can be diagnosed; it happens randomly, but research says that it is most common in adult women. Doing our research about this type of disease (breast cancer) can be diagnosed in four different stages, which are stage 1 through 4. In our research we discovered that there are many ways to treat this disease.

Breast cancer can be genetic, and this is why many doctors recommend for women to at least get checked once a year to be sure that they are cancer free, especially if one of their relatives had this type of cancer. Some of the tests that can be recommended by doctors are a mammogram, ultrasound, and a biopsy. These are some common tests that can help you determine if you are tested positive for breast cancer. With this being said we hope that the procedures listed and treatments listed help people better understand what is needed when diagnosed with breast cancer.

Throughout the years breast cancer has hurt the lives of many people dramatically, from taking their breast to taking their life, this fatal disease has begun to hurt more and more men and women every day. Starting in the late 1600 BC where breast cancer was said to be found in an ancient tomb located in Egypt. The articles were said to have been documented from an Egyptian scientist named Edwin Smith Papyrus. Although we knew what the breast cancer was we still could not find out how or why it would occur to men and women until famous British surgeon Percivall Pott discovered the causes of Breast Cancer. This surgeon had his very own first case of breast cancer back in 1775. The awareness of this disease is still being spread around the world and doctors are working extremely hard on improving their technology and medicine to treat this disease.

Many people do not know much about this disease, breast Cancer can happen to anyone either females or males. Breast Cancer is most common in women’s life development. Breast cancer affects women around the age range of 25 – 30 years old. In most cases, Breast cancer can be summarized as tumors growing in the mammary area also known as the breast area. Most breast cancer cases dealing with infected tissue of the breast form a rapid growth spurt in the chest area. That is why it is important for people to be aware of the different changes in their body especially when dealing with a disease like breast cancer, it is highly recommended that each individual should at least check with a doctor for any type of changes in their breast.

Moreover, breast cancer can be detected if your breast starts changing color or even if there is a deformity in either of your breast. Before any technological test doctors can identify whether you have signs of breast cancer by feeling the breast and checking for lumps known as Benign and Malignant Tumors. Benign are tumors that can be removed easily and Malignant tumors are more harmful, as well as, harder to be removed. Furthermore, another way doctors know whether you might have breast cancer or not is by checking if there is skin irritation, nipple change, change of color, and bloody discharge from the nipple. These are signs of having cancer cells spreading rapidly throughout the mammary area. If you do have breast cancer doctors will recommend various treatments depending on what stage the disease is in.

When dealing with breast cancer there are several ways to prevent the spread from worsening, doctors recommend these treatments when the cancer has become terminal. Surgical treatment doctors recommend when cancer has hit stage 3 or stage 4 is a surgical procedure known as a mastectomy. A mastectomy is an operation to fully remove the breast affected by cancer to prevent any more spread or damage to the tissue. Now some patients can be affected differently so there are other ways to help the body fight the cancer cells.

Other forms of treatment dealing with radiation can be, radiotherapy which is considered to be just as effective, doctors tend to use this treatment when the cells have not completely spread throughout the body. The way this treatment occurs is by using high energy waves to kill the cancer cells from spreading. Another way radiation treatment is chemotherapy, now patients are most known for going through this treatment because of it quite effective. Chemotherapy is known for its intense effect on the body, it helps the body fight the cancer cells but comes with many side effects, for example, weight-loss, depression, falling of hair, and loss of appetite.

Treatments that can be consumed or injected are known as hormone therapy, which prevents estrogen from fueling the growth of cancer cells, but as well this treatment comes with side effects that occur from hot flashes to vaginal dryness. As well as, targeted therapy such as lapatinib or trastuzumab is used to prepare the body to fight and get rid of cancer cells in the breast. Lapatinib is an orally consumed drug to help fight breast cancer or any form of tumor and trastuzumab is an injected type of treatment mainly used to fight breast cancer. Many of these treatments are quite effective when dealing with breast cancer, doctors are aware with which treatment should be effective on the patient because not all cancers of the breast are the same so each procedure is different for everyone.

There are several tests that can be taken to diagnose yourself when dealing with breast cancer. Doctors recommend check-ups at least once a year for men and women especially if you have a long line of relatives affected by breast cancer. A most common examination is a mammogram, it is an x-ray scan that examines the breast for early signs of breast cancer. Doctors also go through an examination of the breast where they begin to feel around the breast area for any lumps or deformities.

Another form of deductions can be a breast ultrasound, which consists of sound waves that produce images deep within the breast to define whether its a cyst or a solid cancerous lump. The final test of diagnoses is a biopsy, it when a doctor extracts a piece of breast tissue to fully examine for anything unusual. Breast cancer is something to be taken seriously especially when establishing whether you are one of the affected or what procedures that should be taken when already affected. Many of the things listed above are recommended by doctors and should be taken seriously.

There are many different stages of breast cancer, at the beginning of stage 1 breast cancer, carcinoma-in-situ is when cancer has broken free and begins to attack healthy tissues. This stage is not considered life-threatening and is also 100% curable. The breast has formed a tumor larger than a shelled peanut, but it could also be that the breast has not formed a tumor at all but is still attacking the healthy tissue. The second stage of breast cancer is when there is no sign of a tumor, but there can be one to three lymph nodes in the area of the axillary.

Once breast cancer reaches this stage it hasn’t yet spread to the bones, only through the breast. This is why it is harder to fight it because it is spreading faster through the body. In stage 3 the spreading has kept on growing faster, but it still hasn’t reached the organs. It is found in up to nine of the lymph nodes that form a chain from your underarm to your collarbone. It could also spread or enlarge the lymph nodes deep in your breast.

According to WebMD (2017), “In some cases, there is a large tumor in the breast, but other times there’s no tumor, the tumor has grown into the chest wall or skin around your breast, even if it hasn’t spread to the lymph nodes”(p.1). Overall, stage 3 is very advanced it can be dangerous because it will eventually reach to stage 4. Where at stage 4 cancer has now reached the organs and is affecting the function of the body leaving it to completely shut down. Stage 4 has a low percentage survival rate meaning that there is nothing anyone can do to treat it anymore.

Breast cancer can be genetic in men and women if they have this type of disease in their family history. There are two genes that can conclude if a person has chances of inheriting breast cancer. BRCA1 is one of these and BRCA2 is another, everyone carries this types of genes. This types of gene help prevent breast cancer they repair DNA brakes that can later lead to cancer. Typically, women with these type of genes who phase breast cancer once and overcome it, can later develop cancer once again. Many people have no idea they are victims of breast cancer because they believe that it won’t happen to them, but there is, “[…] 45% – 65% chance that women who inherit breast cancer will develop it by the age of 70” (“Genetic Screening Breast Cancer”, 2017, p.1). Therefore, you will never know if you could be affected by this disease it is always a must to get tested once a year especially women.

The month of October is a very important month because it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Many people wear pink all month long to show some support to those who have suffered from this disease. Breast Cancer Awareness is something the world needs to know because of how fatal and common it is to get it. In this month people do many activities to raise money for some of the victims who have breast cancer, some of the activities include bake sales, walking marathons, car washes, plate sales. They do this to support families who don’t have enough money to pay for cancer treatments.

All in all, breast cancer is a major disease that can be diagnosed in mostly anyone, at any age. Breast cancer has been one of the main most deadly cancer until today. The increase in breast cancer has been outrages, but can be 100% curable if diagnosed early.

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