Impact of Video Games on Children

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We are living in the era of technology and using computer and gadgets are the basic needs now a days. News about children are addictive to PCs and digital gadgets are no longer amazement. Since they use PCs in school and need to look into data for research project when back in home[1]. Since majority of children have access to technology, they use computers to play games in their free time.

There are thousands of games in market, some of them make positive impact for example educational games and some promote violence. Guardians frequently express worries about the impact that innovation, especially video games, has on their children. In fact, computer games have been related with issues, for example, social disengagement and a drop-off in scholastic accomplishment, and games containing wildness have been appeared to increment forceful and negative thoughts and activities [2].

There are a few sorts of computer games, among them you can name intuition testing or puzzle tackling, sports and methodology[3]. Finding demonstrated that PC based computer game playing not exclusively can enhance members’ reality/review forms, yet in addition advances critical thinking aptitudes by perceiving different answers for issues [4]. Although, computer games faces many criticism, but these methods could be useful and make huge positive impact on children as computer games fascinate children.

This could be seen by any individual who has association with kids and young people in every-day life. In this regard, we could show the potential advantages of PC games to make the instructive procedure additionally interesting. Without a doubt, there are numerous analysts and teachers who advocate the utilization of PC games in traditional training setting[5]. Playing strategy video games boostsdefiningevidentlyaims, thinking ahead and picking key techniques to accomplish explicit outcomes.[6]

Video games can leave a huge impact on children’s brain, so choosing the right game is necessary to avoid negative development on their brain. Games containing Violence and sexual content can increase negative behaviour and aggressiveness.


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