I Have Pain When Breastfeeding What Do I Do? 

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Breastfeeding is such a magical and indescribable moment for the mother-baby relationship, in addition to all the benefits it provides for both. However, on many occasions when we begin to breastfeed, many obstacles arise along the way that could make us give up, such as pain. I went through difficult situations at the beginning of my breastfeeding and thanks to that I was able to solve them, I managed to breastfeed Leo until I was almost 3 years old. Now that I am a breastfeeding counselor I am very familiar with many of the difficulties we face while breastfeeding and I want to share them with you:

Chest Pain

After giving birth to a baby, either by normal delivery or by caesarean section, one would think that it could handle any pain, but no. The pain produced by cracked nipples can make us see the naked devil, I really know what that is.

Way to avoid it

To avoid this experience it is best to prevent and ensure that our baby has an adequate grip or attachment to the chest. This can be achieved with good prenatal counseling. Many times during pregnancy we do not think that breastfeeding is going to cause problems, but now we know that a preparation during pregnancy can make a difference. However, you may already be going through this problem and I want to give you some solu

Solutions to different pain situations

If it hurts to breastfeed, let’s first check my baby’s position, her body must keep a straight axis: her ear, her shoulder and her tail, they must remain aligned whatever the position chosen to breastfeed. Then, let’s check the grip on the chest, the baby should have his mouth wide open, with the largest portion of chest inside his mouth, his lips everted, nose and chin touching mom’s chest.

The nipple at the beginning of breastfeeding may not be protuded or formed. Quiet, the technique of the bloody helps a lot to facilitate a good grip, something that also helped me was to stimulate my nipples a few seconds before breastfeeding Leo, I did it with my fingers in the form of ‘tuning the radio.’ That made the nipple protrude. You can also use a nipple shaper, some moms say they have felt much improvement by having the most protruding nipple for the coupling to the chest, you can see Pigeon’s. With the sucking of the baby it is much more powerful to form the nipple. Remember that your baby is taken from the largest portion of the chest that enters your mouth and not just the nipple.

If the pain is too intense, you have cracks and there is even blood in the wounds, before giving up breastfeeding you can consult with your breastfeeding consultant about the use of liner. The teats that can be found in the market today are thin silicone and very soft like those of Pigeon. This type of liner fits on the chest and if the baby is properly grasped, they do not interfere with milk production.

There is something that helped me a lot in the process of practicing a good grip and relieving the pain that was already established, it was lansinoh’s lanolin and the best thing is that you don’t need to withdraw before breastfeeding again. So it makes protection and relief much more effective. Find a breastfeeding consultant and someone who can help your baby to fit the breast, this will make the situation not only improve but be solved.

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