How to Deal with Anxiety?

Updated October 13, 2020

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How to Deal with Anxiety? essay

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Herein, we would like to share some of the proven best and extremely simple 5 ways to control anxiety and how you can easily calm anxiety anytime you feel like.

Anxiety can lead to immoral behavior. This is according to a new study by researchers at US Northwestern University in Evanston and Chicago.

The study was conducted among 63 students. The more anxious they were, the more likely they were to cheat. “Anxiety enhances the sense of threat that leads to self-serving and unethical behavior,” the authors comment.

In other words, the more intense we feel, the more likely we are to strive for self-care at all costs, even this imply a violation of the rules.

Anxiety is a strong emotion that negatively affects everything in life – from sleep to our relationships with humans, scientists recall.

How to Calm Anxiety – 5 Ways to Control Anxiety

If you are prone to anxiety, remember that you are not the only one. We live in such times. Yet, there are ways to control this emotion before it has destroyed our reputation. But How to Calm & Control Anxiety?

Breathe: Anxious people have poor breathing habits that nourish their anxiety. Try to slow your breathing by taking your breath slower and more controlled.

Don’t be angry: Anxious people are constantly striving to be perfect. They are afraid of not saying or doing something wrong and easily condemn their behavior. Learning to accept and understand yourself without judgment, even when trying to be better, will bring you comfort.

Notice when you are feeling anxious: Anxiety is often a warning that you are uncomfortable and unhappy in your current situation. Consider a few questions to ask yourself if you are feeling anxious. For example, “What proof do I have that something is really wrong?”, “Is it likely to exaggerate?”, “What exactly am I upset about?”.

Talk about your feelings: Anxiety worsens if we try to hide or defuse it, probably because of the added stress of coping with our emotional state. Learn to say what you feel, and if it’s anxiety, be honest about it.
Manage your fears: The surest way to cure your inner anxiety is simply to learn how to manage it. Notice what scares you in the situations that propel it. It can all be rooted in loss of control, inadequacy, or anything else. Learn to calm down and reduce fear. Seek professional help if needed.

There is no magic cure for anxiety, but there are ways to control it before it ruins us. With these proven techniques, and with serious dedication, you will learn to reduce, calm & control anxiety and improve your life.

How to Deal with Anxiety? essay

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