How Schools Should to Prevent Bullying

Updated June 27, 2021

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How Schools Should to Prevent Bullying essay

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Being afraid to speak up to anyone about what others offend you with because you are in belief that they won’t help can cause a lot of stress and even lead to depression. In grade schools, it is a tendency to happen is a lot more common than you think. There is an increasing amount of students feeling harassed and bullied on a daily basis who are too afraid to reach out for help because of being called a “snitch” or getting a bad reputation. Being bullied and/or harassed in school has led to many cases of depression and anxiety, which can then result in suicide or other acts of self harm.

Schools have always been against bullying but do they really do something about it? There is no right way to stop bullying but there is something that could be done about it; school staff and peers can help stop an unfortunate cause that happens all the time. A couple of ways that would help prevent bullying are schools applying a stronger zero tolerance rule, creating a culture of coming forward, and better support for any child/person who has conflicting issues. As uncommon as it may seem, the people being bullied can also end up being a bully to other classmates in response to their own issues.

We live in a society where whites are still the superior race, so when you happen to be a different race other than white you are vulnerable. Children in elementary school happen to get bullied often but do not say anything because they do not think much of it and are a lot more weaker mentally. It is just not making them feel scared and feel bad about themselves, but it is also making them not attend school or to not focus in class either.

In an article that talks about bullying victimization it says, “Bullying victimization during school years is considered to be a traumatic experience that has negative short-and long-term consequences for those involved” (Cosma). It is basically saying that it is affecting the victim in a traumatic way where it can either be short or long-term. I agree with the authors because bullying can only affect someone so much that leads them into having problems with themselves. I myself have suffered from bullying growing up whether it was from classmates not liking me to teachers too, and it had gotten to the point where I had the thought suicide.

I know how horrible it is when nobody talks to you in a friendly tone; reason why schools should be more cautious of those getting bullied and actually try to help them instead of just ignoring the situation. If you notice the first signs of bullying at school, you need to take measures immediately. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing your child as nobody knows how strong he or she is and whether he or she can withstand such attitude towards him or her.

Another way to help prevent bullying in an educational environment is by creating a culture of coming forward, meaning that the victim should be comfortable enough to come forward about him/her being bullied or harassed by others. It is understandable why it is hard for the person being bullied to let others know about it but it is also up to them to come forward about it just so it will not affect them as much.

Another thing is that schools should have more of a connection with their students so they know when something is not right with them and for the student to be comfortable enough to let them know about being bullied/harassed. An article written by Deepshikha Bishnoi, she states, “In today’s competitive and violent society, bullying can happen in any environment including workplace, home, public places, streets, internet, or school” (Bishnoi).

According to experts, children who were the instituter of the bullying continue to display their presumptuous actions when becoming adults. They frequently end up on the criminal path. Some of the victims of bullying, who have experienced this lack of sweetness, many times not only remember it but they also have the urge to take revenge for a long time. According to research, among thousands of children who answered questions, 48% of them have experienced bullying. In almost all countries, bullying is more frequent among boys than girls, and boys are also more often victimized. This is not just troublemaking or vulgar, but a unique type of relationship.

Previously, such relationships were explained mainly by emotions, like ‘displacement of aggression’, etc. The forms and methods of bullying are constantly changing. The latest implementation in this area is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is bullying that is done by electronic means of communication. Like any compound occurrence, bullying has no clear explanation, as well as there’s no precise way of defeating or stopping is from happening. Bullying often involves socio-economic factors.

Socio-economic factors are for example, poverty, social and ethnic inequality. Boys from poor and broken families take out their frustrations on more successful people, making them be scared all the time and this makes him feel better because he feels more superior and wants the boy he’s bullying to feel the same brokenness he feels.

Prevention should be aimed at creating conditions for preventing bullying. Parents should take part in the fight against bullying. Teachers also shouldn’t ignore this problem because children are in school the largest part of the day. With that in mind there should be a better support system to help those that are dealing with conflicting issues.

There is only so much that a person can take that will then later on make them either harm themselves or harm others. There is a foundation that is helping with preventing bullying and it says “Often people dismiss bullying among kids as a normal part of growing up. But bullying is harmful. It can lead children and teenagers to feel tense and afraid. It may lead them to avoid school. In severe cases, teens who are bullied may feel they need to take drastic measures or react violently” (Stop).

The foundation’s website is stating their own opinion on what bullying is and how it harms others and how they are there to help. These rules are important but teachers and parents should remember that not rules but people can change other people. Young people experiencing difficulties with social interaction do not develop new skills because they are forced to obey the established rules. However, children who tend to dominate and control others do not give up their behavior only because the rules require this.

Studies show that the development of certain skills in children can contribute to the manifestation of social behavior, reduce stress levels, develop a more friendly attitude towards teachers and classmates, and improve academic performance. Accordingly, systematic work with students in this direction can prevent manifestations of bullying in the classroom. To prevent bullying in the classroom, you do not need to protect children from all kinds of conflicts. Conflicts are a natural part of the relationship between people.

Disagreements can be constructive since they help to see the situation from different sides. It is necessary to develop schoolchildren’s problem-solving skills so that they can manage the inevitable conflicts independently, showing respect to the interlocutor. Researchers argue that problem-solving skills help to prevent bullying better than emotional responses. The development of the mentioned skills can help to prevent bullying or at least not lead to the negative consequences. The role of adults in taking the preventive measures is of the utmost importance. It is up to them to assist in developing self-confidence in students.

Even though some may disagree and say that it is not nobody’s fault for why the victim does the things they do or decide to stay quiet and not be open about it. In a way it is not, but then again if they were truly comfortable to open up and say what is going on with them would that person do something to help them out or just ignore and not think anything of it. In the Netflix Original Thirteen Reasons Why, the teenage high school girl did try talking to someone about what had happened to her and what was being said but he did not pay attention to her and that was the day she decided to commit suicide.

It can be argued that she could have told her friends or parents but nobody really seemed to give her comfort and they just thought that everything with her was okay. In the show there is a character named Jay Asher and he says “When you mess with one part of a person’s life, you are messing with their entire life. Everything… affects everything” (Thirteen). This quote is a summary saying that whatever you do to someone can affect them whether it is in a positive or negative way. It is not just the victim who has to decide what to do but his/her peers that they surround themselves with.

In the book Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion written by the founder of Homeboy Industries Gregor Boyles says, “Kindness is the only strength there is” (Tattoos). Gregory says many powerful things throughout the book, but that saying is something that is true. It happens to be true because if someone is being kind to you it just does not make you feel good but it gives you a little bit of motivation throughout the day, which is what schools and others should do instead of bullying. Concluding, that there is so many things that can be done with kindness that it can probably lower the rate of being bullied or harassed.

How Schools Should to Prevent Bullying essay

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