How Pets Affect Our Lives

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Many friends around us have pets. Keeping pets is always a topic for us. So how do pets affect our lives? How do pets affect us? Will it be good or bad?

I had a pet dog when I was very young and it brought joy to my life. But with it comes some inevitable troubles. For example, it occasionally pees mischievously in the wrong place. These problems are also troublesome, not only to clean the scene, but also to train and educate it. So I started thinking about what pets actually bring to our lives.

In some online articles, we can see that many people love pets as their life partners. Because pets can make their lives richer and more interesting, especially for the elderly. In many cases, older people who lack the company of their children place more emotion on their pets. Rather than being an animal, a pet should be called a family member. In addition, there will be many times when we visit a friend’s house and their pets come up warmly to welcome us, and I feel very kind as a guest. So from this point of view, pets play an important role in many families.

Pets also have a magical effect of lowering blood pressure. Playing with a pet dog can ease a boring life, which is good for many people who work long hours in high-pressure environments. There are also people who eat long periods of time, and keeping pets allows them to plan their diets more rationally, without excluding individuals from gaining weight with their pets. But after the study found that the incidence of hypertension has a certain rate of reduction.

In addition, pets can also become a kind of motivation for us to do sports. In the morning, when the sun rises, we go out running with our pets. In the evening, after dinner, we can also go out for a walk with the dog. We can find that we are more willing to exercise with our pets than at other times because we don’t feel bored. And pets often need human company and play with them. When playing with pets, humans develop a sense of achievement that is often irreplaceable.

But the problem follows that pet ownership can also cause a lot of trouble for humans. Pet dogs, for example, need to deal with parasites and faecal disposal when they go for walks. Usually, many pets will have a period of hair exchange, on the floor of the home, there will be a lot of pet hair, will seriously affect the cleanliness of the family. And in some parts of China, after investigation and research, many children have caused a large area of children asthma because of hair allergy, so in some places, there will be strict requirements for pet hygiene. With these methods, you can better control similar slowness.

In short, pets bring us a variety of benefits and bad aspects of life, pets will be our good friends, not our troubles.

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