How Lack of Sleep Affects the Morning of Schoolchildren

Updated August 3, 2022

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How Lack of Sleep Affects the Morning of Schoolchildren essay

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Set 1, Part 1

My goals for this part of my primary research is to establish the issue of how a students’ lack of sleep impacts the child’s morning at school. The results will come directly from the child. This is important in my final project to show how this can affect a child and why action is necessary and needed. The action that will be taken is to provide methods to ease the transition into the school day.

Most of the research available now is very standard. It focuses more on the science behind sleep and how important it is in child development. The current research that is currently out there looks at how many hours a night is needed for a good night’s sleep and how it impacts the functions of the brain in the morning. It is also different because many of the responses that are collected are often from parents and their perspectives of their children rather than the children themselves. The results of this research will come directly from the students themselves rather than their parents or adult guardians.

To accomplish my goals, I will most likely use an interviewing process with the students, however, it will be more informal so they do not feel like they are being interviewed or questioned. I will have my mom bring in each student and talk to them first to get them acclimated with me and then proceed to ask them these questions very casually. Because they are young, it is important to make sure the questions are tailored appropriately to their age level. Some students may have difficulty reading the questions and may not answer correctly because of that. I will ask them about their bed time, what they do before they go to sleep, what time they wake up, how they feel in the morning, etc.

For this portion of the survey, I will be interviewing the children in my mom’s reading sections. My mom has around twenty students ranging from first grade to fifth grade. I will split each grade in half. The first half will be used for this portion of the study. Because it is my mom’s classroom, she was definitely comfortable with it and was more than happy to let me come in one day to conduct research with her groups.

We also have spoken about getting parental consent and she will be reaching out to her students parents within the next week to have their approval as well. I purposely will not be including my mom in the study because I do not want her to have a bias because I am her daughter. I want to make sure the answers are from the kids’ perspectives because it has an impact on their day and overall development. My own beliefs to this problem is that many students do experience a lack of sleep which impacts how their performance in school, especially in the morning. It can lead to trouble concentrating, thinking, and their overall mood.

To prevent my own biases from being in the survey, I have to ask general questions that do not have a definitive answer. This will leave biases out because it will not have a negative or positive connotation to the response. I will incorporate these results into my final survey to show what students are saying and focus more on the actual impacts that occur during the day rather than the science behind this phenomenon.

Set 1, Part 2

This discussion is being held to understand different bedtime routines and morning routines children have. This will help the interviewer to better understand how these factors can affect a student’s morning at school. This should only take around 10 minutes. All answers will remain confidential. Thank you for taking part in this discussion.

  • Do you have a bedtime?
  • What time do you normally go to bed?
  • What do you like to do before you go to sleep?
  • What time do you wake up for school?
  • How do you feel when you wake up for school?
  • How do you feel throughout the school day?
  • What do you do after school?
  • Primary Research 2

Set 2, Part 1

For this part of my research, I want to examine the various suggested solutions and see which one is more favorable for the students. To address the issue of how to help students ease into the school day, I have decided to look at three different possible solutions. One will be a morning meeting where they discuss what to expect during the day, next will be yoga done by the students, and the last is to conduct team building games.

This survey will allow myself to see which one is more favorable to the school, that way they could potentially implement this in all classes. The primary research plays a significant role in my final project because it allows my intended primary audience to see what their own students are saying and how to implement these solutions in class. There is very limited research available on this topic and most of the research done is not necessarily research; it includes different games or poses that can be done. The research that is out there looks at the health benefits of these solutions not what students enjoy. The results of this research will show what appeals to different age groups and what appeals to teachers to ensure it is not greatly impacting their day.

To accomplish my goals, I will interview both students and some teachers in the school that share students with my mom. I feel this is the most beneficial way that way I can receive as much feedback as possible on these solutions rather than having definitive answers which can create a more skewed perspective on these solutions.

I will be interviewing the other set of students that are in my moms reading class, along with her co-workers. This will include about ten students ranging from first grade to fifth grade. I will be interviewing these students because this study is intended to help them and their development. It will also allow me to see what they prefer and what can be improved. My mom and I are planning to ask the parents for their consent as well. I will also ask other teachers that have the students in my moms reading class to see if anything has changed in the students because of the activities included in the morning.

These individuals have been contacted and were comfortable with me interviewing them. I believe that the yoga will be the most effective method and the easiest one to include in the morning. To prevent my own opinion from affecting the results, I will have to make sure that my questions do not lean towards one specific method that can work better than another. It is important to phrase the questions that way they are broad and generalized which can allow for many answers.

I will incorporate this into my final project to propose which method was the most effective for students and teachers, what they can do to improve the current program for the future, and any recommendations to help future teachers in this school who may use this program.

Set 2, Part 2

This interview survey will be conducted to obtain a better understanding of the suggested solutions and which solutions should be implemented in the school day. This will help the interviewer to better understand the preferences of the school community. It will also allow the interviewer to modify the different possible solutions for the specific school. This should only take around 15 minutes. All answers will remain confidential. Thank you for taking part in this discussion.


  1. Which activity did you enjoy the most?
  2. Why is that activity your favorite?
  3. Which activity was your least favorite?
  4. How many days a week would you like this activity?


  1. How were your students in the morning after you did the activities?
  2. Which activity did you feel was most effective?
  3. How many days a week would you want to do a morning activity?
  4. How long would you want the activity to be?
  5. Would you use all of these activities or only use one activity?
  6. Could any improvements be made?
How Lack of Sleep Affects the Morning of Schoolchildren essay

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