Here is New York by E.B. White: Book Summary Character Analysis

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In Here is New York, E.B. White takes us on a journey through the city that is the “concentrate of art and commerce and sport and religion and entertainment and finance,” New York. E.B. White had been in his New York hotel room in Manhattan “curiously affected by the emanations from the immediate surroundings, “because of the many historical moments that have occurred around his hotel room from years, decades even centuries prior. (White 41) New York can be hit with a “twenty- thousand- man convention out of the west” yet the citizens won’t be effected.

Out of all the different events that occur every second in New York, you have the choice of privacy or participation. For example, a shooting had occurred and E.B White had chosen not to participate. People come to New York to escape from the reality despite New York giving off a depressing vibe. (White 42) There’s three different types of New Yorkers; the first type is the native, the second type is those who come for work, the third type is those who came to look for opportunities in New York. All the different types have the same love for New York despite the situation.

According to E.B. White in Here is New York, “At the feet of the tallest and plushiest offices lie the crummiest slums, “E.B. White describes how some high rises are built in neighborhoods that are home to homeless people. (White 43) New York is overpopulated but citizens have adapted to it, contractors on the other hand, build more high rises to open up more jobs in the market.

For example, The Empire State Building, “it employs a man to flush toilets in slack times.” (White 44) Neighborhoods in New York are all distinctive but they all have similar kinds of stores around them. Some citizens don’t go further than their own neighborhood because they have grown up there, know where everything is located and is comfortable. (White 45)

Storekeepers have seen some people for years, and even gained a close friendship. When that person has to move even a few blocks away it’s gives them sadness because the storekeeper won’t see them as much as they used to. New York is a creative environment because there’s many street, subway performers and street artists. Despite the busy cafes and restaurants, people still catch up and enjoy their time there. Sleeping on the sidewalks in Bowery lies many folks that are suffering from alcoholism and poverty. (White 46)

“The Consolidated Edison Company says there are eight million people in the five boroughs of New York.” New York is very diverse because the 8 million people are broken down into different ethnicities. The population continues to grow while people procreate and emigrate. New York has changed from 25 years ago because of the many housing projects located throughout the city. (White 47) Throughout the city many apartments are being built or will be built while others are abandoned and left. There’s a willow tree that the E.B. White compares New York to because it is precious despite the hardship it’s gone through in life. (White 48)


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How does EB White feel about New York?
EB White loves New York because it is always changing and there is always something new to do.
When Was Here is New York EB White written?
The book was first published in 1948. White revised and expanded the book in 1960.
Why did EB White write Here is New York?
EB White wrote Here is New York as a love letter to the city he lived in for most of his life. He wanted to capture the energy and spirit of the city and share it with others.
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