Happiness and Consumerism in Brave New World

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Happiness is the experience of joy, contentment, and the state of positive well-being, combined with a sense that a person’s life is meaningful and worthwhile. It can be as simple as being contented, doing what you love, the ability to pursue and enjoy individual desires, and living who you really are. Happiness is hard to achieve but it is what people seek. While artificial happiness can be determine as a state of happiness because it is the result of relying on a substance to make one happy.

In the novel known as Brave New World – the 1932 Dystopian novel by Aldous Huxley is set to critique the modern society where stability is attained through consumerism. The year 632 A.F (After Ford) is set in the future where people are designed to be happy and content with superficial entertainment where it is clear that the citizens of the World state are happy and pretty much contended with their life given to them. There are no longer problems, disease, war, and unemployment within the society.

The government provide comfort, safety, and stability by protecting from the harmful realities of the truth and therefore in a state of bliss that they mistake as happiness. Brave New World generates a society where the people are ignorant of the truth. They are given material lives so they do not understand, or even consider the mere possibility that they are controlled and trapped by the government. The people in the World State are in the world where they don’t know what true happiness is.

Emotional and scientific realities are sacrificed for a fake happiness in order to keep the society stable. The citizens believe this world seems to be a very perfectly working utopian society with no feelings , emotions, or human characteristics. However this results in the oppression of the citizens in which they never knew.

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How does Brave New World portray happiness?
Brave New World portrays happiness as a superficial and synthetic emotion that is achieved through the use of drugs, sex, and entertainment, rather than through genuine human connection and personal fulfillment. The novel suggests that this kind of happiness ultimately leads to a loss of individuality and a dehumanization of society.
How is consumerism shown in Brave New World?
In Brave New World, consumerism is shown through the characters' obsession with buying and using products. The characters are always talking about the latest fad or product, and they are constantly trying to outdo each other with their purchases.
What is the secret of happiness in Brave New World?
The secret of happiness in Brave New World is that there is no such thing as happiness. The people of the World State are conditioned to believe that they are happy, but they are really just content.
Why is consumption so important in Brave New World?
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