Hani Omran Book Report

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Ms. Farmers class seventh period.

Dying to meet you, 43 old cemetery road.

A writer named Grumpy old Ignatius, we will refer to her as grumpy,

Grumpy is writer that creates children books. One day Grumpy rents a mansion that has a child named Seymour who is an eleven-year-old kid, also the son of two parents that are ghost hunter that left him alone at his house. Seymour’s parents went on a European Ghost tour, surprisingly. The two parents left him there all alone with another ghost, this ghost was named Olive, another person who is grumpy! She vowed to stay in the house haunting it until her book is published, she’s a ghost writer that currently haunts Seymour’s house. So, any ways. Grumpy move in and rents a part of the house to she can get away from the monsters (Kids that is noisy) and move’s in. The ghost Olive is also not happy with the fact that there’s anew cranky resident and starts to mess with Grump’s day, playing the piano randomly or just out right slamming doors for no real reason. But Grumpy doesn’t believe in ghost so he blames it on Seymour.

But Olive as she is a nice ghost apparently protects Seymour and teases the newcomer, Olive soon takes it too far and feels remorseful for Grumpy and tries to enclose the huge hole between them all that she apparently caused.

Soon after the huge hole starts to close stopping the madness that she caused on Grumpy. It ends here the second book; My Dead Body comes next continuing the first book and keeps on going with a bigger story line. I thought this book would be much more in depth, but sadly not, turns out the book is just the first in a huge franchise that end with a cliff hanger, that’s what I see. Anyways there wasn’t any detail to the book, since it all states date sand not really anything else.

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