Halloween and Its Scariest Activities

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I really hate going outside during Halloween. There is too many scary activities going on. Many people like Halloween but me on the other hand I hate it. I don’t like it how people dress up and try to scare you, I also don’t like the scary movies that play during the season. On Halloween there is people outside dressed up everywhere trying to scare others.

Every year on October 31 you will see a lot of people walking around in scary customs trying to either get candy from people at their houses or just trying to scare people. The bad thing about it is that people don’t get dressed in their customs till its night time and that is the worst. Imagine walking and seeing someone following you or watching you from the distance. Even though customs are scary and thinking you’re being watched is scary there is plenty of other scarier activities like scary movies.

Movies to me are scarier than people walking around in customs. Scary movies to me seems like you’re messing with the devil. I was always told that watching very scary movies like all the “Paranormal Activity” and many more can let the devil in your house because the movies have to do with demons and people getting possessed by spirits. This is why I don’t like Halloween and hate scary movies. I just can’t handle Halloween because it has too much scary activities. I really hate Halloween and will hate it forever.

Halloween is the scariest season of the year and it will stay that because of all the scary activities it has. I already talked about in my opinion the scariest activities of Halloween like people walking around in scary customs and watching scary movies. There is another activity that is scary and makes me hate Halloween even more and that is haunted houses. Haunted houses are scary because when you go in the house it is almost completely dark and there are people in there trying to scare you by touching you, making noises, running after you trying to get you, and many more things to scare you. If you don’t like Halloween then don’t go into haunted houses, I went into one because I was just wondering what it looked like but it was the last time I went into a haunted house.

Like what I said many people like Halloween but me on the other hand I hate it. I don’t like it how people dress up and try to scare you, I also don’t like the scary movies that play during the season. This season is struggle for me because I have to see people dress up for Halloween and go out and scare people, I also have to hear the scary movies being played while other people watch them, and I also have to hear people scream for their life has they’re being scared inside the haunted house. I really hate Halloween and I wish it never was a season but oh well it is a season and I have to deal with it. So to all the people that are scared of Halloween I wish you luck and hope Halloween don’t scare as bad as it will do me.

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The five traditional Halloween activities are trick-or-treating, making jack-o-lanterns, visiting haunted houses, attending Halloween parties, and telling ghost stories.
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