Grumpy Monk Restaurant Review

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My friend, his family and I visited the Grumpy Monk on Saturday afternoon for lunch and was pleasantly surprised. We had made reservations the day before so we didn’t have to wait anytime before we were seated even though it was quite busy. Our table had a wide range of orders from sushi to chicken tenders and everyone was more than satisfied. The portions were huge and the prices were more than fair, ranging from $11-30. Additionally, most meals came with two sides. The menu is pretty widespread with options and I really believe there is something for everyone. I was surprised to see that they have sushi options at an American-style restaurant, and very good at that!

I ordered the chicken tenders with French fries and Mac and cheese as my sides, and I can say that it met all of my expectations. The breading on the chicken tenders were light and crispy and the Mac and cheese was not too cheesy or too salty. The rest of my table ordered burgers, salads and sushi. The presentation was good on all of them and everything tasted really good. They also had a lot of vegetarian and vegan friendly options. For those who drink, they did have a bar and a long menu of drinks including hand crafted beers. The one concern was that, it wasn’t too packed but it still took them a relatively long time to get our food out. Nonetheless, it was worth the wait.

The location was ideal, off highway 501 in Myrtle Beach so less that 10 minutes away from Coastal Carolina University. However, if your are staying close to the beach this would be about a 15 minute drive. Parking there was great as the restaurant had lots of parking spot out front, so we didn’t have to walk far from the car to the front doors. The staff was really friendly and helpful. Our waitress was very polite, attentive and very personable. She answered all of our questions about the menu and made sure we had everything we needed. Additionally, cleanliness was not an issue, the restaurant was very clean and so was the bathroom so no complaint there.

The restaurant maintains a kind atmosphere, it was very relaxed with lots of televisions so I assume it would be packed on football nights. It can be a little loud though so if you’re sensitive to noise I would scope it out first. It was very a casual yet trendy environment. I will definitely be going back soon and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxed yet delicious restaurant and bar.

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