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Fast Fashion: The Effect it has on Sweatshop Workers Opinion Essay

Every year, month, and even day the latest fashion trends change. This ongoing change of trends plays a part in fast fashion. Green Matters mentions in their article the meaning of fast fashion being, “…an unsustainable apparel-making method that produces inexpensive clothing rapidly in response to the latest style trends” (Osmanski 2019). If you notice,…



Fast Fashion

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Effect of Fast Fashion on Climate Change

Extreme weather has been taking over the news headlines. Between devastating hurricanes, droughts and wildfires impacting the Earth more and more every year, the threat of climate change has struck our nation. With the fashion industry being ranked second after oil in terms of pollution, it is easy to assume that the fashion industry contributes…

Climate Change,


Fast Fashion

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Harmful Impact of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion: a haven for big fashion corporations and those wanting affordable, trendy fashion and a hell for those whose lives depend on a corrupt industry. For the latter, fast fashion is just another a word for livelihood, and for the former, fast fashion is a short, catchy alliteration that sounds pretty good. Trendy, accessible,…



Fast Fashion

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Understanding Fast Fashion

The fashion industry is constantly changing and an incredibly competitive environment. To stay relevant as a clothing brand, a company must be able to mass produce efficiently with high profit margins. This can be achieved through changes in materials and changes in the production process of the goods. Fast fashion is a strategy that companies…


Fast Fashion,


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H&M as a Fast Fashion Brand

Introduction As one of the world’s leading fashion companies, Sweden-based multinational retailer Hennes & Mauritz AB is known for its comprehensive offerings of affordable fashion-forward apparel. To attract consumers in various different segments, the group has created a diverse portfolio with eight independent brands (H&M, 2018). This report will focus on the company’s best-known flagship H&M brand, and aim to produce…


Fast Fashion

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Issue of Fast Fashion in Modern Society

Young people are fashion obsessed. Today it is more prevalent than it has ever been thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram. While trying to achieve Instagram worthy looks people are buying fashion and beauty products unaware of the negative repercussions associated with what they are buying. Problems such as counterfeit cosmetics, inhumane human…


Fast Fashion

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H&M’s Woes Mean Fast Fashion is Getting Worse, Not Better

There has been plenty of concerns regarding fast fashion in the past years as to how it has negatively impacted the fashion industry. Fast fashion is clothing that is inspired by new or recent trends that appeared on the runways and is produced and sold at affordable pricing. H&M is a Swedish fashion retailer that…


Fast Fashion

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