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Models of Abnormality

There are six models in abnormal psychology that psychologist use, the six models being: biological, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic/existentialist, social cultural, and developmental psychopathology model. Each of the six models play an important role when working with abnormal behaviors in psychology. Many psychologist use multiple models in combination to view abnormality that an individual may have….



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Model Visualization

What is Model Visualization? Model visualization means providing reason and logic behind in order to enable the accountability and transparency on model.Machine learning models are considered black box models due to complex inner workings. It is easy for data scientists to deliver model with high accuracy .If somebody ask about reason, we can say that…


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The Use of Androgyny Model in Fashion Campaign

Gender has been a topic of great concern since late-19th century. The gender liberation movement one after another drove the reform and development of people’s ideas towards masculinity and femininity. From then on, the new idea of breaking the gender barriers and the traditional consciousness to maintain the patriarchal gender balance has become a main…



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Bayes Model

The Performance of Bayes Model in the Double-Player Game Four alternate scientific theory models were wont to compare against the utility of the Thomas Bayes model, as is clear in figure a pair of. once tested, the Thomas Bayes model was more advantageous than the other models, because it achieved a higher final income. However,…



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The Social Ecology Model

Murima (2013) in his/her study defined and applied The Social Ecology Model. This four-tier model shows how each level is interdependent on the other, and how each level can have an effect on health behaviours including sexual behavior. By using the Social Ecology Model, this study seeks to present the relationship between the different levels…



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Effects of the Frayer Model on Content-Specific Science Vocabulary?

Pre- and posttest data comparisons from control groups and a treatment group. This will be given at the beginning of a physical science unit and highlight students’ prior knowledge of ten specific content vocabulary words. After the intervention period, a posttest will be given that has the same ten content-specific vocabulary words as the pretest;…



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Somatic Experiencing and Trauma Resiliency Model 

Introduction and Thesis Statement The traditional psychotropic approaches towards treatment of trauma such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) are top-down techniques that do not directly deal with negative sensations caused by the traumatic experiences. A novel approach has been introduced in the past few decades that is based…



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Clark Wilson Model

Abstract Information systems are exposed to the chance of being attacked physically or emotionally. Computer systems have security models for commercial purposes, but the information is not considered while creating a security model implementation. In this paper, we will discuss the Clark Wilson model, which is one of the security model implementations. To protect commercial…

Cyber Security,


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Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral Systems Model

As the population increases and we began to see a new genre of individuals the world of nursing must adapt to meet these changes. The evolution of nursing is an ever-evolving cycle as the medical world changes through technology, medical advancements, and new innovative ideas to care for patients. Researchers continually use conceptual models to…



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