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Roles of Victims of Sexual Harassment in Society

It is long since sexual harassment and assault has become a major social vice occurring not just in Australia but around the world and the consequences leave victims physically and mentally traumatized. In fact, victims are usually isolated, despised by society and seen as outcasts. Sexual harassment can take place in all ages, in any…

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Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

The sexual harassment of women at work place (prevention, prohibition and redressal) act, 2013 is a provision in Indian Constitution for prevention of sexual harassment of women at work place. Purpose of This Act To provide protection to women against sexual harassment at workplace and for the prevention, prohibitation and redressal of complaints of sexual…

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Sexism, Sexual Harassment, and Public Transportation

The emotional well-being of individuals can be greatly affected when reflecting on the topic of sexism with women and sexual harassment. Women are seen by men and society as wanting to exert control over them, either through their feminist ideology or through their sexuality (Lemonaki, Manstead and Maio, 2015). Women are heavily influenced by hostile…


Sexual Harassment

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SHARP Program in Army

In the Army, the SHARP (Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention) program is extremely serious. There are people that are not in the service and still have to attend courses on SHARP. What is SHARP? Does it still happen in the Army? Why is SHARP still present? What are ways to prevent SHARP? Why does sexual…



Sexual Harassment

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