History and Culture of Renaissance

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The word renaissance literally means “ rebirth” in French. The renaissance was the time period when there was a rebirth of art and literature between the 1400 and 1600 century. The renaissance began in Italy, where creative ideas grew largely in number, this led to the renaissance being a very influential time period. Ancient Greek and Rome played an important role, as the renaissance was inspired by them. Transition of Middle Ages to modernity. Like all changes, the renaissance had a root or cause.

The main one was the fall of costantnipole, which was the centre of learning. In 1453 AD Muhhamed 2 of Ottoman Empire devastated the constantipole, out of fear the greek scholars left constanipole and went to different cities of Italy like Florence, Venetia, Rome, Naples, silicy, and etc. there they taught mathematics, literature and science, this gave birth to the renaissance. One more cause is the invention of printing press by guttenburg, as books could be printed in a short span of time, many people learned different things which galvanised the renaissance. Also many kings, nobles, rulers and merchants encouraged literature, this progressive idea also galvanised the Renaissance .

Undoubtedly there were many changes during the renaissance which included social, economical and political. I researched about the political changes:

During the renaissance, there were three main forms of government which were princedoms, monarchies, oligarchies.

There was segregation between politics and Christianity, the church or religion did not hold much power and authority as they were not seen as a part of governance, this was one of the biggest changes in politics during the time. The church and state had good ties with one other but regardless that fact, the popes and the rulers struggled for being in charge of the church and material land. Hereditary powers came to a halt as people started to realise that one could change their class and it was not necessary to stay in the same class one is born in.The Roman Empire was ruling over the whole Europe since many countries collapsed but when foreign invasions were declined the native rulers of the countries began to combine their powers. Humanism ( A system of thought that focuses on humans and their values, capacities, and worth.) effected the government and politics, as it also brought the concept of democracy when the society began to value their opinion in politics. Due to some Political changes and the Black Death the feudal system(a military hierarchy in which a ruler or lord offers mounted fighters a fief a unit of land to control in exchange for a military service.) was declined.

I chose to write about the political changes, as church and religion play an important role here and I am interested to learn more about church and religion.

Time is a valuable factor that helps us in our life but we all are too busy to count each second. What helped us? Human has wonderful features but not magical, our eyes can’t see super small things so what helped us? Exploring and finding new places is extremely adventurous but what helped us to find our way? Nobody is perfect, some people might not have the best vision so what helped them? People have amazing thoughts and ideas but it is nearly impossible to tell everyone face to face, what helped us?

Mechanical clock, Compound microscope, Mariner’s compass, Eye glasses and Printing press are the answer to these quesWithout tions. these and many more inventions, which were invented in the renaissance, modernity would not exist as what we know today.

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