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Legalization of Euthanasia

Pages 7 (1 516 words)

Christian Worldview


Medical Ethics

Euthanasia is a very debatable topic that is currently being discussed all around the world with the purpose to whether it should or not be legalized. Some countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and some states in the USA), already allowed the act to be practiced, however not every nation has made the same. The very…

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Biography of Pope John Paul II

Pages 5 (1 013 words)




Pope John Paul II was born on 18th May 1920 in Poland in a medium sized family. Unfortunately, all of Pope John Paul II’s family passed away when he was very young. Firstly, his mother when he was 10 and his brother when Pope John Paul II was 12. At the age of 21 his…

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The Bible Tell Us about the Trinity of God

Pages 9 (2 214 words)


Biblical Worldview


The Bible declares there is only one true God. The orthodox Christian theology has always believed in one true God as a trinity, three co equal person in one God form. In Genesis 1:26, God states “us” and “our”, these words are plural meaning one or more persons. Not one person higher than the others,…

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Significant Events in Mother Teresa’s Life

Pages 6 (1 340 words)


Mother Teresa

Significant Event #1: On January 06,1929 Mother teresa arrives in calcutta to begin her work among india’s poorest. According to ( http://www.thisdayinworldhistoryy.com )“On January 6,1929 Mother Teresa arrived in the city at the foot of the himalayas, eager to learn Bengali and participate in the education programs run by the loreto convent.” At only 19…

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Beowulf and the Struggle between Christian Values and Paganism

Pages 3 (515 words)


Beowulf Hero

Christian Worldview


Within the poem “Beowulf”, the narrative tone conveys a struggle between Christianity and Paganism. The poet explores the two beliefs, throughout. Christian behaviors are shown when the characters pray to God and thank him. Also, there are biblical references to Cain and Able. Grendel, the monster, is descended from Cain. The Geats and The Danes…

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Human Rights in Islam Culture

Pages 6 (1 288 words)

Belief Systems

Human rights


Introduction Human rights rely upon the standard of respect for the individual. Their real supposition that can’t avoid being that each individual is a decent and goal being who has the option to be treated proudly. They are called human rights since they are across the board. While nations or specific social occasions acknowledge express…

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Early Christian architecture

Pages 10 (2 489 words)



San Giovani cathedral, Lateran, Italy: Historical background: It`s one of Rome’s four main churches and the seat of its bishop, where the Pope of Rome is often imitated as the Bishop of Rome. Built in the 4th century, the cathedral was renovated and rebuilt many times during its long history, and during the Middle Ages…

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Objectivism in Ayn Rand’s “Anthem”

Pages 2 (443 words)



In Ayn Rand’s famous story Anthem, the differing objectivism and collectivism are pit against each other. With objectivism being so tight knit and different from the society in the book, it seems that it would be almost impossible to truly follow in its entirety. However, Anthem, as a whole, doesn’t violate the ideals of Ayn’s…

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Buddhism and Hinduism: the Similarities and Differences

Pages 3 (683 words)



Buddhism and Hinduism: the similarities and differences that define their cultures.Today’s world is a very small place with the internet, cable news networks, and social media at our fingertips. This was not always the case. The origination of Buddhism religion and Hinduism are separated by countries that make-up their differences, but there are similarities which…

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Islamic Terrorism

Pages 4 (831 words)



Social Problems


Terrorism can be seen as a way to intimidate another by using direct threats of violence to make rise for political advantage. Terrorism can be carried out by individuals or groups, in our own countries and internationally. It seems to be an ongoing war that has only began to expand in our recent times. With…

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