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Common Pitfalls Concerning Biblical Interpretation and Practices

Biblical Interpretation? Everyone who reads the bible is an interpreter, but no reader of the bible interprets the bible from a neutral posture. Regardless of one’s racial, ethnic, gender, generational, social, or intellectual postures, every bible reader brings baggage to the text. This baggage can either help or hinder one’s ability to arrive at what…




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Protestant Reformation and German Renaissance

The renaissance began in Italy in the 14th century, however, the ideas of the renaissance did not reach Germany until the 15th century. Renaissance means “rebirth”, marking the revival of interest in Greco-Roman art, architecture and ideas. One of the most well-known German renaissance artists was Albrecht Dürer. Before he became an established artist, he…


Protestant Reformation

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How Would World Peace Affect the United States Economy

The world has been at War since to turn the time is always been a source of economic power whether it was to start War. As a child growing up my favorite show was that I waited every year was to watch the Miss USA pageant contestants were often asked what they would like to…


World Peace

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Christian View on Causes and Effects of Poverty

The description of the conditions that qualify as living a poor lifestyle vary among people who have experienced different levels of income. Imagine a homeless man, forced to live on the street because he can’t afford the rent that his landlord demands. In this man’s opinion, someone who lives in public housing with government assistance…

Cause and Effect of Poverty,



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Question about Exist of God

The question whether God exists or not has been asked for many ages from people of different cultures. God is usually described as an ultimate being, wholly good, omnipotent, omniscient and eternal, one that lacks any manlike qualities. Huge chunk of the world’s population believes in this eternal being, while many other consider the possibility…

Does God Exist,

Existence of God

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