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Perspective of Woman in Hinduism Then and Now

Brahmanism is the branch of the Hindu religion, previously known dominators of the Indian society, the priests. They are considered to be higher class than any other Hindu person. These Brahmans are the ones in the religion who do all the rituals and sacrifices as it is part of their dharma(duty). Some brahmans believe that…



Women'S Suffrage

Islamophobia in France

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to analyze and discuss the prior measures and continuous events in France that demonstrate the presence of anti-Muslim attitudes within the nation. The ultimate goal if this paper is to determine the several causes for Islamophobia in France and ascertain the quality of life a French Muslim can…




What is Humanity in Biblical Meaning

What is humanity? I believe that humanity is the community of male and female beings whom God created to work on this earth. The dictionary definition of humanity says, “n. all of the living human inhabitants of the earth, n. the quality of being humane”. Ok, the first part makes sense. I would take it…



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